What Is The Size of A Business Card in Pixels

There was, perhaps, a time when all business cards were the same size (at least all business cards in the same geographic region), but that time has come and gone. Today, although a “standard” size does still exist, there are many other common sizing options, too.

So, how can you know precisely how many pixels make up your business card dimensions? Simply follow this handy guide to match your business card type with the corresponding size, and you should have a pretty clear picture of what you’re working with.

US Standard

In the United States and Canada, a standard business card will be 1050 x 600 pixels, which translates to about 3.5 x 2 inches. This is the exceedingly common rectangular business card with which most established professionals are well acquainted.

Euro Size

As you might imagine, standard business cards in Europe are comparable to those in the United States and Canada, but their size varies slightly. A Euro Size business card is 1004 x 650 pixels, making it slightly more elongated than the US Standard business card.


Once you begin veering away from the standard business card dimensions, you have a great deal more freedom to get creative with the design. A square business card will run 675 x 675 pixels, meaning that the height is comparable to a standard business card, but the width is much lower.

Mini, Micro, and Slim

Just like a square business card, a mini business card can help you jump out from a sea of standard sized cards. The exact dimensions of one of these small variations depend on the printer, but they will be somewhere around 350 x 950 pixels. This works out to somewhere around 1-1.5 x 3-3.5 inches per business card.

Rounded Corners

Figuring the dimensions of rounded corner business cards can be trickier than establishing the dimensions of any other shape. This is because rounded corners can be added to virtually every size of business card, and they can also take off either ¼ or ⅛ of an inch from each corner. In turn, you’ll just want to take the dimensions from whatever base size you’ve selected (standard, square, or mini), and allow yourself an extra bleed around each of the corners.


Circle business cards can also be rather complicated to establish dimensions for; the best option is to consult the printer on the optimal pixel sizing. You can, however, bet that any circle business card you order will have somewhere between a 2” and 3” diameter. This should give you a basic idea from which you can build your design.

Custom Shape / Die-Cut

Last but certainly not least, the dimensions for a custom shaped business card can be the most complex of all. Because the precise dimensions depend on the exact shape, there’s no way to offer a catch-all dimension explanation here. However, you’ll generally order a standard base size, so you have the option of using the dimensions of a US Standard card when generating your design.

The actual design process can get much more complicated and technical than you might have originally assumed, so be sure that you know exactly what sort of sizing you’re working with before you get started. At Print Peppermint, we know that the world of designing custom business cards can feel foreign, that’s why we’re here to answer questions and offer assistance every step of the way.

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