Glossary: Print Lingo & Vocabulary

Popular Terms & Definitions

What is: Baronial ?

This is an envelope which usually takes the shape of a square. This envelope would normally be used giving announcements.

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What is: Base ?

This refers to a paper that has already been manufactured but also has to undergo further processes. These processes could lead to the lamination of […]

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What is: Base Color ?

This refers to a color which is first used on the sheet. Its function is to provide a background or foundation that allows for subsequent […]

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What is: Base size ?

This is the normal size of the sheets that are used. It usually differs depending on the grade that is in use.

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What is: Baseline ?

This refers to a line which is largely invisible. This line can mostly be found in typesetting situations.

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What is: Basis Weight ?

This refers to the weight of the basic sized paper which is calculated in inches. The weight would be measured per ream. It is also […]

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What is: Beater ?

This refers to a machine which is similar to a blender. Its function is to crush pulp. It is also used to mix certain additives […]

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What is: Beater-sized ?

This refers to the procedures involved in the addition of sizing materials into the beater. Most times, the procedures are aimed at mixing these sizing […]

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What is: Bindery ?

This refers to the folding, reduction and the piercing of a printed paper. In some context, it could also include the binding of the printed […]

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What is: Binding ?

There can be two meanings to this word;

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What is: Binding Edge ?

It can refer to a part of the book, usually, book edges that have been bound or bonded It can also mean the sheets that […]

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What is: Black Printer ?

This refers to the black plate which is generally used to give more detail to the tones that are neutral. It is usually used in […]

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What is: Blank ?

This word can have two meanings; It can be another word for shell It can also be used to define or describe a group of […]

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What is: Blanket ?

The word is usually used in relation to offset lithography. It refers to the fabric which clings to the blanket cylinder. This fabric is usually […]

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What is: Blanket contamination ?

This refers to waste that has attached itself to the offset blanket. Because of this attachment, it would usually disrupt and cause the printing process […]

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What is: Blanket Creep ?

This refers to all changes or movements on the surface of the blanket. The part of the surface where movement occurs must have the likelihood […]

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What is: Blanket Cylinder ?

This refers to the cylinder that is used in the printing press. This is the same cylinder where the blanket would most likely be set […]

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What is: Blanket Pull ?

This refers to the middle (tack) that can be found between the paper and the blanket.

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What is: Bleach ?

This refers to a substance which is usually chemical or chlorine. It is usually used to add the whitening effects to the pulp.

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What is: Bleaching ?

This refers to using certain chemicals to treat the pulp fiber. The aim would usually be to refine, whiten or improve its purity.

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What is: Bleed ?

This word can have two meaning; When it is used in the context of printing, it may refer to running off of the printed images […]

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What is: Blind embossing ?

This refers to a method in which a design which is based on bas-relief is used without the aid of ink or foil.

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What is: Blocking ?

This refers to printed sheets shearshim. This is usually frequent in piled ones that have the presence of wet ink.

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What is: Blocking out ?

This is the removal of certain parts of the negatives. It is usually achieved by making the image opaque.

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