Glossary: Print Lingo & Vocabulary

Popular Terms & Definitions

What is: Blowup ?

This refers to enlarging an image size

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What is: Blueprint ?

Refers to a form of photo-print. It plays the role of proof and shows how the final product would look when folded.

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What is: Boldface ?

This is a thicker type which is also quite heavier. It is sometimes known as the dark type and is fundamentally different from the thin […]

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What is: Bond paper ?

This refers to a paper which is made from a stronger and more durable material. These materials could include cotton, wood or a combination of […]

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What is: Bonding strength ?

This refers to the resistance of paper fibers to tear or to the presence of pickings during the process of offset printing.

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What is: Book paper ?

This is a term which is used generally when referring to some types of paper that would be well suited to the production of books.

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What is: Booklet ?

This refers to a piece which has been printed. This piece would usually be bound together. It can also contain some pages.

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What is: Brightness ?

This refers to the reflections that are made on a paper when analyzed with the aid of a calibrated light (usually blue light).

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What is: Bristol ?

This is a term which is used generally to refer to a paper which is thick with at least 6 points. The basis weight of […]

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What is: Bristol boards ?

Refers to a heavy paper which is of the highest quality. This paper can sometimes be made produced from the fibers of cotton. It is […]

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What is: Broke ?

This refers to a paper which is no longer desirable. They would usually find their way back to the beaters

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What is: Broken carton ?

This refers to carton which has been opened and some items taken out

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What is: Bulk ?

This refers to the thickness of the sheet. Note that sheets with high-bulk would generally have fewer sheets than sheets with low-bulk

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What is: Bulking dummy ?

Refers to sheets of paper that remains unprinted. They would usually take a signature size or number due to the folding of the paper. It […]

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What is: Bursting strength ?

The level of tension a paper can take before its ruptures

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What is: Butted Joint ?

This refers to the coming together of webs of paper. They would usually be placed beside each other. The main aim to make a sheet […]

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What is: Caking ?

During printing, the ink pigments leave spots on the press rollers because the vehicle that carries the ink is not able to suspend the ink […]

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What is: Calcium carbonate, CaSO4 ?

The calcium carbonate is a chemical compound whose function is that of a filler.

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What is: Calcium sulfate, CaSO3 ?

A chemical compound used by plastic surgeons as a filler.

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What is: Calendar stacks ?

This refers to a group of steel rolls placed vertically that is found at the end of a paper machine. This helps to increase the […]

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What is: Calendering ?

This is done to achieve a smooth finish on paper. The process of calendering involves passing the paper through metal rolls to improve the glossiness […]

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What is: Caliper ?

This is the thickness of a paper which is measured in a thousandth of an inch.

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What is: Camera-ready art ?

This refers to artwork ready to be filmed by the film house department.

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What is: Casebound ?

A book with hard and strong cover.

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