Glossary: Print Lingo & Vocabulary

Popular Terms & Definitions

What is: Vehicle ?

Refers to the liquid component of ink that lets it flow, such that it can be applied to the surface of a sheet of paper.

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What is: Vellum ?

A term used to describe a finish with a surface similar to antique finishes or an eggshell. A vellum finish is quite absorbent such that […]

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What is: Vellum Paper ?

A strong, cream-colored natural paper of good quality which is made to feel like a calfskin parchment. This term is also used to describe the […]

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What is: Velox ?

A black and white print used for display or printing.

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What is: Vignette ?

A halftone with a background that fades away gradually, blending with the surface of the paper.

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What is: Virgin Stock ?

A new wood pulp or one that is unused.

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What is: Virkotyping ?

Another name for raised printing or thermography.

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What is: Viscosity ?

A term used to describe the properties of tack and flow in an ink.

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What is: Walk-off ?

When a part of an image area on the plate during printing begins to deteriorate.

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What is: Warm Color ?

The color of ink which falls within the family of red-yellow-orange.

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What is: Wash-up ?

The operation carried out between ink or color changes. Also refers to the time required between the color changes of an ink.

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What is: Water Fountain ?

The metal trough which is found on a lithographic press that holds the dampening solution.

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What is: Water Resistance ?

The ability of a sheet of paper to resist being penetrated by water from one surface to another.

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What is: Water-ball Roller ?

A roller which runs in a fountain solution pan.

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What is: Water-in-ink ?

A press condition when there is a breakdown of ink as a result of too much water.

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What is: Waterless Plate ?

A plate used in plate making that has no dampening system.

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What is: Watermark ?

A term which is used to refer to the impression of a pattern, design, or symbol in a sheet of paper while the paper is […]

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What is: Waviness ?

When the outer edges of a pile of sheets retain more air moisture than the center of the sheet or when the center of a […]

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What is: Wavy Edges ?

When the edge of a sheet of paper picks up moisture and begins to expand in size, such that it begins to have a wave-like […]

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What is: Web ?

A roll of paper used rotary or web presses and is converted, folded, or pasted in a continuous form. A ribbon of paper that threads […]

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What is: Web Break ?

Breaks that occur on a roll of paper on a machine during manufacturing or the printing press during production.

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What is: Web Offset Paper ?

A paper that is designed to be printed continuously form a roll. This paper can either be coated or uncoated. It is also strong enough […]

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What is: Web Press ?

An offset press that uses a web paper instead of a sheet red paper.

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What is: Web Tension ?

The pull force applied by the action of the web-fed press when a web of paper travels.

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