Glossary: Print Lingo & Vocabulary

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What is: Weight Tolerance ?

The degree of variation in the shipped weight of a paper that is acceptable. The weight tolerance is usually less than five percent of the […]

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What is: Well-closed Formation ?

The opposite of wild formation. Refers to a kind of bonding of fibers in a paper sheet that ensures uniformity.

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What is: Well-sized ?

A well-sized paper is a hard-sized one.

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What is: Wet Rolls ?

Water on the edge of a roll weld the paper together, which then breaks on the infeed.

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What is: Wet Rub Test ?

A test carried out to check the ability of the paper to resist moisture.

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What is: Wet Strength ?

The strength of a sheet of paper when it is completely wetter with water. It is also the tensile strength of the paper.

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What is: Wet-end ?

The beginning of a paper machine where the moving wire, head-box, and press section are located. Here, the paper is still a suspension of water […]

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What is: Wet-end Finish ?

Finishes such as vellum, antique, or eggshell applied to a wet paper web by machine rolls and the web presses found at the wet end […]

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What is: Wet-strength Papers ?

Ordinary papers often lose most of their dry strength properties once wet. Wet-strength paper’s, however, possess certain properties that help them resist rupture and disintegration […]

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What is: Wetting Agent ?

A material that lowers the surface tension of water and water solutions, thereby, maximizing their wetting power.

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What is: White Paper ?

A term used to describe writing and printing grade envelopes and papers.

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What is: Whiteness ?

The whiteness of a pulp or a paper refers to its brightness.

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What is: Whitewater ?

Milky colored water that has been used in the papermaking process.

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What is: Wholesaler ?

A distributor.

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What is: Winder ?

The unit found at the end of a paper machine which takes the paper web from the reel, trims the paper web, winds the paper […]

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What is: Wire ?

A bronze, copper, or synthetic screen found at the wet end of a paper machine, that receives the water and fiber suspension from the head-box. […]

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What is: Wire Binding ?

Double series of wire loops that run continuously through punched slots on the binding side of a book or booklet.

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What is: Wire Mark ?

Impressed traces of a machine wire on the bottom or wire side of a paper.

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What is: Wire Side ?

It is the opposite of a felt side. It refers to the side of a paper that was against the wire during the manufacturing process. […]

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What is: With the Grain ?

Parallel to the direction where paper fibers lie.

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What is: Work and Tumble ?

A term used when one side of a sheet is printed, then turned over from the gripper to the back using the same plate and […]

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What is: Work and Turn ?

A term used when one side of a sheet of paper is printed and then the second side is printed after turning the sheet over […]

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What is: Wove ?

A finish that is characterized by the impressions of a felt dandy roll which is covered in woven wire and is without laid lines.

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What is: Wove Dandy ?

A dandy roll which does not have any watermarked design.

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