Glossary: Print Lingo & Vocabulary

Popular Terms & Definitions

What is: Wrinkles ?

Creases that occur in a paper during the folding and printing process. A term used to describe an uneven surface that is formed during drying.

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What is: Writing Paper ?

A general term used to describe any paper which is being used for writing purposes.

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What is: Wrong-read Image ?

A mirror image similar to that which appears on the blanket in offset printing.

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What is: Xerography ?

A copying process which uses electrostatic forces and a selenium surface to form an image.

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What is: Yankee Dryer ?

A dryer which dries paper that comes out of the wet end of the paper-making machine by steaming the side pressing against a cylinder, while … Read more

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What is: Yellow ?

The hue of a 4-color process ink and a subtractive primary ink. This hue absorbs blue light but reflects green and red light.

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What is: Yellowing ?

A term used to describe the transformation common to vegetable fibers due to aging. Papers made from vegetable fibers show different degrees of yellowing. This … Read more

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What is: Zig-zag Folding ?

A type of folding used with alternating positions and continuous forms. It is used to convert roll paper to flat-back paper which can be easily … Read more

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