Glossary: Print Lingo & Vocabulary

Popular Terms & Definitions

What is: Cellulose ?

For the manufacturing of paper, cellulose is the main component of the walls of the wood fiber.

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What is: Cellulose fiber ?

This refers to the remaining fiber that is left after bleaching and the separation of fibers from woods used in the production of paper.

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What is: Centre spread ?

Facing pages found in the center of signatures of bookbinding.

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What is: Chain lines ?

Also referred to as chain mark and it is the line that is found in a parallel paper laid with the grain.

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What is: Chalking ?

This refers to an inappropriate way of drying ink. The ink has been immersed quickly into the paper leaving a weak pigment layer that looks […]

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What is: Character ?

Refers to either a type of font used in a letter, a character, a number, a symbol or space which is left blank that is […]

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What is: Character count ?

This refers to the number of alphabet or number that is found in a group of text.

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What is: Chemical ghosting ?

A duplication of a printed image which is found on the other side of a paper on the same sheet. This is caused by chemical […]

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What is: Chemical pulp ?

This is a fiber of wood that has been cooked by chemicals which creates a pulp that helps manufacture different printing papers and paper products. […]

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What is: Chipboard ?

This is cheap, thick cardboard that is made from reused paper stock.

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What is: Choke ?

In the preparation of film negatives, this is the process involved in reducing the thickness of the image that has been printed.

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What is: Chromalin proofs ?

This refers to a process used in printing. This process makes use of clear plastic that has been exposed to the image and has gone […]

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What is: Cibachrome ?

Refers to a fully colored print which is positive and photographic produced from transparency.

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What is: Clear formation ?

This refers to paper fibers that are scattered in a uniform order around the sheet of paper. This shows the quality of a good paper.

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What is: Close formation ?

Arranged density found within a sheet of paper.

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What is: Cloudy formation ?

It has the same effect as the cloud, makes the fiber structure cloudy and gives the impression of unevenness and it not being uniformly.

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What is: Cockle finish ?

An uneven and rough finish which is usually manufactured in bond papers.

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What is: Cold color ?

A bluish color.

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What is: Collate ?

In the process of binding, getting sectors together in a sequence.

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What is: Color bars ?

Bars of ink color is used to track a printed image. It shows the amount of ink applied by the press or the densities.

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What is: Color comp ?

An imitation of a proposed layout used during the presentation.

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What is: Color correction ?

Any means to improve the rendition of colors

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What is: Color guide ?

These are guidelines that are fastened to artwork or a disc that shows the mechanical location, percentage and the type of color asked of.

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What is: Color key ?

Refers to a proof that is overlaying and has just one color per sheet of acetate.

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