Glossary: Print Lingo & Vocabulary

Popular Terms & Definitions

What is: Color processing printing ?

Refers to printing that is done with the aid of different colors such as yellow, black, magenta or cyan inks. Each color makes use of […]

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What is: Color proofs ?

This refers to the initial pieces that were printed and then are removed from the press to get the final approval.

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What is: Color scanner ?

A machine that helps in the separation of color that is required in the full-color process of printing.

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What is: Color separation ?

This is a way in which the main color required to prepare the plates for the printing colorwork is broken down.

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What is: Colorfastness ?

This refers the how a dyed paper can hold the dye in the presence of light or heat.

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What is: Commercial match ?

This refers to a paper that has been manufactured to the accepted tolerance when compared to a sample provided.

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What is: Commodity paper ?

A group of low-quality papers.

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What is: Composite image ?

This refers to a group of multiple pictures that are put together to form a single picture.

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What is: Comprehensive layout ?

A stimulation layers out by a designer to show how the end work would look like.

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What is: Comprehensive proof ?

Final proof a picture would take before it is printed.

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What is: Condensed face or condensed type ?

Refers to a typeface that makes provision for more prints per line making it look like the letters are squashed per line.

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What is: Conditioning ?

Gives the paper to adjust itself to the humidity and temperature of a printing plan before it is made use of.

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What is: Continuous tone ?

Tonal gradation with no halftone dot.

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What is: Converter ?

A company that converts paper in its original form to products that can be used such as envelopes, label stock, etc.

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What is: Correspondence papers ?

Papers written in attractive colors, finishes, etc.

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What is: Cotton content papers ?

Papers that make use of cotton fibers and linters. The most common papers today make use of letterhead applications. Papers that are made with cotton […]

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What is: Cotton lingers ?

These are cotton fibers that make use of cotton seed to produce pulp for cotton papers

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What is: Couch roll ?

On the machine that makes paper, the tool that helps get rid of excess water from the moving paper before it gets to the wet […]

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What is: Cover D.T ?

This is a cover stock that is made up of two sheets of cover stock joined together. Most times, 65lbs equals 130lbs.

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What is: Cover paper ?

Heavier durable papers which are available in different varieties of colors are used to cover pamphlets, business cards, etc.

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What is: Crop marks ?

These are marks that have been placed specifically and are joined to artworks to show the area that is to be printed.

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What is: Cropping ?

Changing the size of a photograph or illustration.

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What is: Cross direction ?

The opposite side of a grain paper.

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What is: Cross gain fold ?

This refers to a fold that is at the right angle of the direction of the grain fold.

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