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Respecting the environment and choosing "green" alternatives is quickly becoming part of the fabric of everyday life. Everything we do, from using environmentally responsible papers, inks, and coatings, to recycling waste materials, takes our impact on the environment into consideration. Print with us and you have a partner that makes sensible business decisions that can help you consider the environment without even thinking about it -- isn't that the way it should be?

At Print Peppermint, we pride ourselves on setting a good example. Some of our efforts to protect the environment include: Using soy-oil based inks (also known as vegetable-oil ink) instead of traditional petroleum-based ink.

, Green Printer
, Green Printer

How do you print green, you ask? ... Magic.

Soy-ink is safe and eco-friendly because it consumes minuscule amounts of energy, making the process as efficient as possible. Soy-ink can also easily be removed from a paper while maintaining a greater resistance to rubbing off, which makes recycling paper an easier and faster process.

Aqueous and UV coatings consist of very low to zero amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC), reducing harmful components that can damage the Earth's atmosphere and environment.

Soy-ink allows for brighter, more vibrant colors, which petroleum-based ink does not allow.

Company-Wide Environmental Practices

  1. In addition to Soy-ink, We use eco-friendly products all throughout our company and recycle all possible materials.
  2. We also remove hazardous waste from our facilities properly, to ensure the protection of our natural environment.
  3. We DO NOT use any paper that was produced from illegally deforested trees, using only paper that was made from trees specifically for paper-making.
  4. We strive to continuously do our best not only for our customers but for the environment as well. Our research and development department is constantly searching for the safest and least polluting options to produce premium printed products.


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