How Many Colors In a Rainbow? Wielding Color in Design

How Many Colors In a Rainbow? Wielding Color in Design

Colors make our world bright and our designs pop. So how many colors in a rainbow and how do we use them? Learn all about it here!

When you were in kindergarten, you learned all about Roy G. Biv. There are seven colors in a rainbow. You thought that was it.

As you got older, you started to realize that ol’ Roy had some friends you didn’t know about. Most of us met these friends when we got our first Crayola 64 box.

Burnt Sienna? Carnation Pink? Goldenrod?

Where did these colors come from? And what’s the difference between Yellow-Green and Green-Yellow?

How Many Colors In a Rainbow? Wielding Color in Design

You started to realize when it comes to colors, you didn’t know a tenth of what was actually out there. So, how many colors are in a rainbow?

We answer that question and how they’re all used in design in the colorful guide below.

How Many Colors Are in a Rainbow?

There’s still only seven! That’s according to science anyway. But these are also the people who crushed our dreams by pointing out a rainbow is only the sun’s rays reflecting off of water droplets.

When you look at a color wheel, you see 7 colors or hues. Three are primary (red, yellow, blue) and four are secondary (orange, green, indigo, and violet). Those colors mix together to form tertiary colors.

These are your red-oranges, blue-greens, and yellow-greens and so forth. Then, tints, tones, and shades enter the equation.

Tints are colors mixed with white. A shade is a result of adding black to a color. Tone means you’ve added black and white to a hue.

How Many Colors In a Rainbow? Wielding Color in Design

These are what create Burnt Sienna, Carnation Pink, Goldenrod and thousands more.

The Meaning of All Seven Colors

After studying the effects colors had on human emotion and behavior, color psychologist Angela Wright wrote the Wright Theory in 1984. To this day, her theory and the Color Affects System are the benchmarks of color psychology.

Over the years, colors became associated with feelings. They grew meaningful and thought-provoking. They began to speak to us and for us.

Here’s what the seven colors of the rainbow mean, starting from the longest wavelength and ending with the shortest:

How Many Colors In a Rainbow? Wielding Color in Design

Red – Red signifies passion, love, and strength. It’s also used to alert or warn of danger.

Orange – Orange represents youthfulness, playfulness, and energy. Orange is also a power color.

Yellow – Yellow is the color of happiness and joy. Yellow also sparks creativity.

Green – Green is a versatile color that means wealth, health, and balance. It’s used by financial brands to represent money and health companies to evoke nature.

Blue – Blue means trust, security, stability, patience, and serenity. There’s a reason so many brands use it in their logo!

Indigo – Indigo is the least known (or spoken about) color of the rainbow. Indigo represents infinity, mysticism, spirituality. It’s the color of the sky at midnight.

Violet – Violet (or purple) signifies luxury, royalty, opulence, and nobility. Purple is fascinating because the lighter you go (lavender), the more delicate its representation. Darker purples signify regality and power.

What Does Your Brand’s Color Say?

So, how many colors are in a rainbow? Seven. They blend together to create countless others, each with its own unique meaning.

When it comes to your brand design, what does your logo say? Does it mean what you want it to?

If you’re interested in designing a logo for your brand and don’t know where to look, we can help. At Print Peppermint, we’ll get you started with a design that speaks to your vision and dream.

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