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print peppermint letterpress Business Card

Letterpress Business Cards Embody Premium Quality


Letterpress printing may have been around for centuries, but it’s now making a huge comeback in the printing world. The process involves the tedious method of relief printing text and images using a handset wood or metal type to stamp the design onto the cardstock.

The steps to this handmade process — from arranging the designs using individual type blocks, to inking and imprinting — all involve precise craftsmanship that only a few printers can deliver.

But the results are surely worth the effort — there’s just a distinctly premium look and feel to letterpress prints. The debossed effect gives you a tactile feature, and the overall effect can’t be matched by any modern printing style. That’s why letterpress is the method of choice for special invitations, cards, and high-end marketing materials.

In this sample business card, you can see that the letterpress print produces a textured depth to the logo and contact info. It has a subtle color scheme of soft red and off-white. The paper stock used is a thick one, to keep the debossed effect from affecting the pattern on the reverse side. Overall, the finish looks professional with a handmade appeal.

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