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Transparent Business Cards Are Stylish and Long-Lasting


Business cards are typically made of paper, and while paper has varying tactile quality, it’s a fact that it’s not as durable as plastic. If you’re after making an impression on potential clients, while still making sure that your card retains its make, you may want to consider a clear plastic business card.

You can make your branding material stand out with a 20-pt thick transparent card just like the example shown here. It has a custom oval die cut and a pink matte finish. This card is sleek, smooth, and thinner than the usual ID or credit card. And it’s notoriously durable! Even if your card is placed inside a full wallet or card case, there’ll be no folds or creases on it.

The transparent effect is not really common for business cards — which means whoever receives this card will be intrigued or, most likely, impressed by it. With this type of business card, you can place all information and design on one side; you wouldn‘t have to flip the card to see every important detail.

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