Van Gogh was obsessed with the blues and the yellows and the oranges. These colors shaped the capricious clouds of his moods. In logo designing, just like traditional art, colors hold paramount significance. They have the ability to evoke sadness and intrigue and madness and joy.

Spectrums of bluish hues govern the backdrop of this properly thought out logo. Each shade evokes a range of emotions and draws attention towards itself with masterful simplicity.

The image in the center seems bland and childish, comprised of triangles and circles and other kindergarten geometrical figures. But it’s actually quite apt. It doesn’t confuse the observer or get on his nerves and at the same time reverse courses his memory to his cheery childhood days, making it relatable for all age groups.

Choosing unfamiliar art, no matter how stunning, isn’t a good idea. It will only serve to wane the reader’s attention.

I also love the choice of font ― it’s easily readable and proportionate to the size of the logo. Everything about this logo is exactly how it is supposed to be and shows that the designer has undergone days of deliberation before presenting it to the client. His research and his forethought show in every aspect of the logo.

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