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Ensemble Management Group

This is another example of a logo that is aimed directly at the target audience.

First, let’s talk about the color pallet. Management is a business involving confident and bold men and women possessing the creative flair to make crunch decisions in time-sensitive situations.

That is exactly why the designer has chosen a bright hue of red with little white spots as the background. The red color symbolizes confidence and control; it’s not in any way a lighter conviction-lacking color.

It shows that this management group will take the reins of your business in its closed fists with unwavering confidence. The white spots, on the other hand, symbolize flexibility and friendliness and balance the stern nature of the red. They indicate that although the management group is serious and uncompromising in its dealings, it carries its affairs with a smile on its face.

In logos, colors can make or break a design so make sure you choose a color that is consistent with the theme of your business just like the designer of this logo has.

The central image is simple and straightforward and its white margins produce a stunning contrast with the red background. The white typeface used is also an excellent choice; its circular arrangement heightens its exposure and prominence.

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