Fantasy Boy Taro Art Opening Signage

There’s so much to admire in this signage by fantasyBoyTaro for the Safe Room Gallery.

The Safe Room Gallery is a gateway for contemporary writers to showcase their conceptual work. Many artists have proclaimed that the gallery has helped elevate their art to the stratosphere of success and fame. The gallery has earned critical acclaim internationally and nationally and has been a home for informational and visually spellbinding art for years.

For an art gallery that has turned heads and garnered massive attention, this signage is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I love how visually tempting the art is. It has this refined quality to attract pedestrians and drivers. There are so many subtle details that draw attention and turn heads.

The dark green of the trees in the surroundings produces an excellent contrast with the light green of the artwork, and in no way makes it inconspicuous or murky. The size of the postcard is also perfect ― not too small that it’s barely visible.

The wording is to-the-point and straightforward. It only conveys what’s required and isn’t flowery or adulterated with jargon.

One thing that I wouldn’t advise in a sign is the use of a blue background. Why? Because on a clear day, it will blend in with the blue sky and compromise the visibility of the signage.


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