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The elements of your design can be produced with your choice of either PMS INK or a FOIL STAMP - all for the same fixed price.

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Letterpress Business Cards - Overview

Our letterpress business cards are deboss printed with hand-mixed PMS ink colors and are printed on 4 thick and premium letterpress papers, including: our standard 42 pt crane lettra, 42 pt light pink gane, 50 pt black board, and 42 pt recycled kraft chipboard.

What is Letterpress Printing?

Letterpress printing is a type of printing that creates an debossed impression in the paper leaving a tactile feeling of depth. Our design team's lust for print in conjunction with the beautiful nuances of this traditional printing method make for simply incredible business cards. Choosing Print Peppermint's modern letterpress studio means choosing a hand crafted and delicate production process performed by the most passionate lovers of print. This high end printing service creates only the most elegant of pieces - perfect for companies who want their business cards  to show that their attention to detail is relentless. 

Read more about letterpress printing.

Old Letterpress Printing Press Machine

How Does Custom Letterpress Printing Work?

Checkout an quick animated video about how the letterpress printing process works.

Letterpress Foils

Foil business cards with custom letterpress printing really make a bold statement. Add extra shimmer to your design with foil stamping in a variety of colors and finishes. There are currently 36 color / finishing options to choose from.  

Foiling presses an opaque film on the card stock and since foils are 100% opaque, they allow for light color foils on darker paper stock, if you choose. The foils lay directly on the surface of the card stock with no impression on the finish.

Letterpress wih Foil Stamp Business Cards

Metallic Foils Colors: Gold, Silver, Copper, Black, Red, Pink, Light Green, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Light Purple and Purple

Gloss Foils Colors: White, Grey, Black, Red, Light Pink, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Brown

Matte Foils Colors: White, Grey, Black, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple and Brown

PMS Inks

Hand-Mixed Pantone PMS Inks

Although many of our products are printed using 4-color / full color process, our letterpress cards are not. Every pms ink color is hand mixed, loaded, and verified.

When ordering you can designate your chosen PMS ink colors by using the pantone color swatches inside Adobe Illustrator or your preferred industry-standard design software.

We are also happy to take a look at your art and create a proof for you prior to placing your order. Simply email your artwork and project specifications to:

Hand-Painted Edge Colors

Set your business card apart by adding bold colored edges!  We offer this option with any of our letterpress stocks.  However, the thicker the card stock, the more dramatic and bold it will be! 

Simply, tell us what custom Pantone PMS ink color you want in the comments when ordering and we will create it for you! 

Want the edge color to match the PMS color used on the front or back of your design?  You, got it!

Hand Painted Edge Colors

Die Cut Letterpress Business Cards

Custom Die Cutting & Specialty Shapes

Ok... so you've chosen to print letterpress cards - wise choice! But now you're ready to kick it up a notch and opt for die cut custom shape... like a Shuriken ninja star!

Custom die cutting for letterpress cards is available by custom quote only. Please visit our custom quote page, supply your preliminary art files, and one of our estimators will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24-36 hours).

Debossed Impressions

In our humble (but expert) opinion, one of the most beautiful and appealing aspects of letterpress is the deep & rich impressions it leaves on the paper stock. All inks on letterpress cards can either be debossed into the paper or lay flat directly on the surface of the card stock.

  • Debossing – presses into the card stock leaving an impression.
  • Combo – debossing can be used in combination with flat inks.
  • Flat – leaves no impression.

Letterpress Cards with Blind Deboss & Texture

duplex layered letterpress cards

Duplexing / Triplexing

Want to sandwich multiple paper stocks together and make your letterpress cards look like an oreo cookie? Awesome!

To get started, request a custom quote.

Letterpress FAQs

What is custom letterpress printing?

Letterpress is the oldest of the major printing processes. It uses a plate with fixed raised surfaces and pressure to apply ink to the material. This pressure also leaves a slight indent (or relief) in the paper. As more cost-effective printing methods have been developed (such as Digital and Offset output), the usage of letterpress has declined greatly. However, the old-world charm of Letterpress has now become a highly sought-after look and feel. Letterpress is a very labor intensive process (compared to Digital and Offset printing) which is why it is a more expensive service. This specialty classic style output creates the most elegant pieces – perfect for wedding invites, special occasion flyers and premium business cards.

What paper stocks can I use for letterpress premium business cards?

The following paper stocks are our recommended standards for letterpress printing:

  • 42 pt crane lettra (white / pearl)
  • 42 pt craft
  • 42 pt light pink gane
  • 50 pt black crest
  • 60 pt alstrom

If you do not see the letterpress stock that you wish to use, please request a custom quote

Can I see samples of your letterpress business cards?

Yes, you can! You can see samples of our letterpress business cards along with our various other specialty business cards and stationery by ordering a sample pack.

Can I print a full bleed design with letterpress?

Technically speaking, it is possible to have a letterpress design bleed to the edge, however choosing letterpress for a full coverage background is not always recommended. The large solid coverage area can appear splotchy and inconsistent. Having said that, some designers / customers find this inconsistent effect desirable because it makes each card unique. Another alternative to a solid full coverage background is to cover the space of the background of your letterpress design with something that has a more minimal ink coverage, such as a background pattern. If you are unsure whether your design is possible / affordable for letterpress printing, please fill out a custom quote request.

Will my design work for letterpress printing?

Unfortunately, not all designs are appropriate for Letterpress printing. Below are some guidelines for Letterpress printing:

Recommended for Letterpress

  • A small number of colours (1-3 spot colours work best)
  • Vector graphics
  • Solid shapes

Not Recommended for Letterpress

  • A wide range of colours in the design
  • Photographs
  • Raster (pixel-based) graphics
  • Gradients or shades/tints of a color

If you need help creating or modifying you letterpress card design, check out our design services page for pricing and package details.

Create A Stunning First Impression With Letterpress

It is important to choose the right paper when you're creating high quality premium business Cards. Letterpress paper is soft, yet thick and it is made to leave an impression.  We pride ourselves on using letterpress printing to produce patterns, fresh lines & typography.  This isn't something that you just create, it requires careful crafting and preparation to produce quality letterpress business cards.  Note: When your art is being created, keep in mind that debossed inks and foils can have a slight show-through on the reverse side.  We will do our best to reduce the pressure but we do strongly suggest you avoid print that backs up to art on the other side when printing on both sides.  For the best results we limit double sided printing to only our heaviest letterpress stocks.

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Proofs Explanation

Click here to download a blank pdf proof.


Proof Key:

Information on the symbols/color coding used in proofing.

Important Info:

Information/design tips for creating a successful final product. Please read this information.

Production Methods:

Breakdown of how your design will be printed. All masks and print files will be displayed here.  

Print Specs:

Details of paper stock as card card-body as the production methods listed.

Mock Up:

A simulation of what your finished card will look like. Please note the final product will differ slightly from the mock up.

Important Stuff:

Details on contacting us and print policy. 



We love and cherish our products and our customers! As a design minded boutique printer we take pride in our quality and craftsmanship. Choosing us will not only mean that you will get a high quality product, but also quick and helpful support from a team of print industry experts.


Only The Best!

Our products are carefully curated and tested so that we can ensure the highest quality of work. Printing on a state of the art 4 color offset presses at 500 lines/inch as card card-body as stocking only the choicest papers, foils, and inks it's safe to say, we don't make standard cards only exceptional ones.

Refreshingly Creative!

Our designers and research team are constantly innovating and remixing our products to provide you with unique specialty cards. By experimenting on new paper stocks and combining finishes in new ways or by pushing the boundaries of design, we are always working towards creating new products that will help you stand out from the crowd.


We Care!

We stand behind our products. By company policy every project that comes into our hands is proofed and approved by the customer before we print. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, the amazing Print Peppermint Customer Support Team will work with you to fix it.

Click here to get in contact.

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I am beyond thrilled with print peppermint. I only use them. Masters at what they do. I was so pleased with the creativity, response time, and the result. They understood what I wanted and made it happen! Highly recommend them.

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They really helped me in a bind when my request with another company fell through. Austin was very helpful and made the whole process speedy. My letterpress business cards arrived in time for my exhibition. They're great quality and exactly what I wanted.