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Peppermint + Botvidsson Product Photography Tutorial Collaboration

Ever wonder how to photograph small paper objects and capture the texture and detail? Well… Our product photography hero Martin Botvidsson made a tutorial about how to photograph small paper objects like the new letterpress business cards we just printed for him. If you are an aspiring photographer, do yourself a favor and check this guy out … Read more

Best Letterpress Papers

Ideal Papers for Letterpress Printing

Transcription: So many designers and creatives go absolutely bonkers for letterpress printing but what they don’t know is that in order to get the most out of a letterpress machine like an old-school Heidelberg windmill for example you have to feed it the right kinds of paper. That’s why we’ve spent the last months researching … Read more


Letterpress Design: 8 Tips for Success

Like carving the most delicate art, designing a letterpress requires meticulous attention to detail. You need to tailor the design to match the distinctive inking and graphic themes letterpresses are meant for.  Letterpress is an ancient art form that has roots dating back to the 16th century. Though initially limited to metal and wood engravings, … Read more


Business Card Break Down – Feliz Interiors

Today we are introducing a new segment to our blog called “The Business Card Break Down” duh duh duh… (dramatic drums). In each episode, we will do a brief overview of the client, the design of the piece, the print specs of the piece, and the digital files that were used to produce the card. … Read more


Print Peppermint Letterpress Business Ca Business Card Design Example

Letterpress Business Cards Bring Authentic Charm   Letterpress business cards add that touch of handmade craftsmanship that the typical digital print just can’t provide. Letterpress print features a rugged and retro texture, which makes for a quirky aesthetic. It looks authentic, and if you want to boost that in your branding strategy, letterpress business cards … Read more

Letterpress Business Cards Frequently Asked Questions

A Guide to Letterpress Printing: What it is and why is it important?

Letterpress Printing Guide Source: Design Shack Letterpress printing is an artform that’s been around since 1450. Credit for its creation goes to a German goldsmith, Johannes Gutenberg. Also known as relief printing or typographic printing, letterpress is more than an artform; it’s a tradition. Different parts of the world have contributed to the methods, techniques and tools used in this process. From giant, car-sized print machines which ran on a simple principle of making a print impression on a flat surface using blocks of texts, letterpress has come a long way. Now, its relatively small descendants can be found sitting … Read more

How to Make Ready a Platten Letterpress Machine

Making ready the press and the form to be printed is the most important operation of the pressman. The process consists of adjusting the impression so that all parts of the form will be printed with a firm, even pressure. The principle of the makeready are similar for all types of printing presses, the open platen, the automatic platen, the flatbed, and the vertical cylinder press. Bill has a question about how to begin makeready for the title page of his booklet. He summons his instructor who will demonstrate the operation. Remove the form from the galley and place it … Read more

What is letterpress printing and why is it badass?

Letterpress printing refers to relief printing text and images, where handset wood or metal type is imprinted onto a raised surface, similar to a rubber stamp. Johannes Gutenberg might be credited with the invention of the letterpress in 1440, but it has actually been around much earlier than that. In fact, printing from movable type had been a practice in China since 1041 before being introduced in Europe! Traditionally, this process involved arranging individual blocks of letters into a caddy to form words. All the characters are molded and arranged in reverse. As for images, they could be included, but … Read more

Why is letterpress printing so expensive?

Letterpress printing is a tedious process – from arranging your designs using individual type blocks, to the inking and imprinting stage. It involves equipment and a certain level of craftsmanship that not many printers would have. As it is handmade, letterpress allows control and customization when it comes to fine typography. What you get is an elegant, tactile effect on your materials. This is why a lot of people are opting for their invitations and business cards to be printed this way. So if you look at all its features, you would understand why you’d pay a premium to get … Read more

Guide to Paper Basis Weight and Thickness @ Print Peppermint

Think about the best business card you’ve ever been handed. Beyond how it looked, how did it feel? Was it heavy, dense, or inflexible? Graphic design is certainly hugely important when it comes to creating business cards, but it’s not the only thing to consider. Paper basis weight and thickness have less to do with how a business card looks, and more to do with how it feels. Before you select which type of cardstock you’ll use for your business card, take the time to study up on precisely what all those terms you see next to the paper options … Read more


When you are looking for a font size for your printing job, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider to get the job done for you. These factors include the font style, the line weight, the printing process, the legibility, and the size. In this article, we will go through the various factors you need to consider when selecting fonts for your designs and your final print. Font Style Every font is designed with its own thin and thick lines for its interface. Some fonts may be large but have thin lines and some fonts may … Read more

What type of black papers do you offer?

Black business cards are visually stunning. The rich, luxurious look and texture of black paper makes logos, patterns, and foil or embossing treatments stand out. If you are looking for custom black papers, we can discuss a specific quote and have it ordered for you. We also have our standard collection that includes: Uncoated rich black stock – comes in 14 PT, 16 PT, or duplex 32 PT thickness Onyx deep black suede – soft to the touch; comes in 22 PT thickness Black museum board – comes in a very thick 50 PT (for letterpress printing or foil stamping … Read more

How do I design a business card?

How to Design A Business Card: A Step-By-Step Guide   Design by: Shakil Rahman   “Good design is like a refrigerator – when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks.” – Irene Au   Trillions of cards are being printed at this very moment. But only a handful of them will find their way in files saved carefully in drawers, or at the back of frames so they’re never lost. But what makes those cards worth saving and not the rest? This is your job, as a designer, to ensure that your business card not … Read more