Local Artists 5iveFingaz File a Case Against Reebok and Dick Sporting Goods for Ripping His Design

5iveFingaz, a local artist, recently filed a federal case against Reebok and Dick’s Sporting Goods for supposedly using is T-shirt design without his consent.

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Source: https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Lawsuit-Dick-s-Reebok-showed-arrogant-14443978.php

The case was filed last September 11. It claims that international brand Reebok stole 5iveFingaz t-shirt design Love More the Ever and print it on their shirts.The said t-shirts have been displayed and sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods store.

Per the case, in spite of being directed that the design had been lifted, Reebok and Dick’s Sporting Goods have continued in arrogant disrespect of the damage it caused to 5iveFingaz. The complainant is asking damages which take account of profits from the said companies.

In an Instagram post, 5iveFingaz wrote that he has been spreading these words all over the world for three years now. He will be damned if some significant one percent of companies are going to take the design from him. Citing the continuing litigation, he refused to remark for this story.

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This artist makes use of the stenciled expression, usually in his work. He sold his own shirts and other types of produces, bearing the phrase since the year 2017 from his store online.

A few weeks ago, Dick’s Sporting Goods reps talked to 5iveFingaz the store has bought 13,000 t-shirts and planned to sell in the inventory; this is according to the proceedings. On 27th of August, the store claimed to withdraw the t-shirt, though; the case claims it available over the net as presently as September 8.

The shirt displayed at Dick’s Sporting Goods bears a remarkable resemblance to those made by 5iveFingaz. On both designs, the phrase is written in red block letters that four-letter words and stacked up on top of each other. Instead of the letter O in the word Love is a heart shape. On both t-shirts, the motto is inside the box with a red border.

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