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Gay Tigers Logo Logo Design

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This logo is great for a business that celebrates diversity in the workplace. The choice of rainbow colors for the central image is odd but it works magically with the galactic backdrop of stars and constellations. It has universal undertones which highlight the importance of LGBT inclusion in society.

Great logos are subtle and simple. They don’t go overboard with aesthetic details. They are not cramped with images and fonts and other hoopla. Sticking to these cardinal rules of logo design is what makes this logo a definite winner.

The imagery used is unique and consistent with the core values of the business in question. This is extremely important. When you’re designing a logo, the images should be uncompromisingly high quality; they shouldn’t be pixelated and they should look equally great in digital and print forms.

The two cheery tigers humping each other is an excellent choice. It’s relevant and aimed at the business’s target audience ― gay men and women.  It’s also memorable and impactful and has the quality to occupy a long-term place in the memory of the observer.

The typography is also straightforward and simple. The designer hasn’t used an illegible or italicized font because he knows it can confuse the reader.