Metal Business Cards - Be the Ultimate Badass.

Metal business cards make the boldest statement by letting your clients know you care about the fine details.

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10 Golden Rules of a Printing Designer

As a designer, you’re probably already well-versed in the world of typography and graphic design. But when it comes to printing your designs on paper, you may not know what goes into making them look their best. To help with this problem, we want to share with you 10 Golden Rules for Printing Designer! When … Read more

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Top 10 Benefits of Metal Business Cards

Have you considered purchasing metal business cards? If not, you should. Read on to learn the benefits of metal business cards. There are more than 27 million business cards printed every day in the U.S. That equals out to roughly 10 billion business cards printed every year. So if you want your company’s business cards … Read more

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Top 10 Metal Business Cards To Inspire Your Next Project

There’s nothing wrong with going beyond the norm when it comes to carrying around a business card to inspire your next project. Why settle for average and go for normal flimsy business cards when you can reach into your pocket and pull out a metal one? Why metal ones? Why do you even need to … Read more

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4 Business Card Ideas That Make a Good First Impression

4 Business Card Ideas That Make a Good First Impression You want your business card to make the right impression. But your search for good business card ideas hasn’t turned up any useful results. Don’t worry, we have your back. Check out these 4 super creative business card ideas! Keyword(s): business card ideas The boom … Read more

Metal Business Cards Frequently Asked Questions

What metals are magnetic?

Ferromagnetic metals are strongly attracted to a magnetic force. The most common metals used as magnets include iron, nickel, and cobalt. Rare earth metals like neodymium, gadolinium, and samarium also have strong magnetic properties. Any alloy composed of ferromagnetic materials can also attract magnets. For instance, stainless steels with high concentrations of iron are magnetic. Other examples of ferromagnetic alloys include chromium and alnico. Metals that have a weak attraction to magnets are called paramagnetic materials. Magnesium, lithium, and molybdenum are a few examples of these. Their attractive force is significantly weaker than that of ferromagnetic metals. Meanwhile, metals that … Read more

What are magnets made of?

Magnets are everywhere. From our car engines to our business cards, we use magnets in almost everything nowadays. Yet, most of us don’t really understand what they are made of. Most magnetic metals are manmade. Ferromagnetic materials like iron, nickel, cobalt, and a few alloys of rare earth element can be magnetized when exposed to a strong magnetic field. Magnetizing fixtures will direct the electric current to the non-magnetized areas, which causes the electrons to line up. In turn, it makes the materials magnetic. Depending on how they are made, magnets may be able to retain their magnetic properties permanently. … Read more

What foil stamping colors do you offer? Can I choose a custom foil color?

Hot Foil Stamping One of the most popular print features we offer is hot foil stamping. With a little bit of heat and pressure, we can apply an opaque layer of colored, metallic, foil. When applied to business cards, you get a pigmented metallic finish that will surely grab people’s attention. You can choose from 15 standard foil colors to create stunning business cards. The following colors are available for hot foil stamping: Silver, Holo-Silver, Copper, Deep Blue, Purple, Light Pink, Red, Green, Gold, Holo-Gold, Blue, Sky Blue, Orange, Black, and Fuchsia. Cold Foil Stamping We also offer a wide … Read more

Is stainless steel magnetic?

There is a widespread myth about the magnetic behavior of stainless steel. Many believe that all types of stainless steel can attract a magnet. That’s not true at all. As a matter of fact, magnets work on some types of stainless steel. There are many different types of stainless steel, but we can classify them into two major categories—austenitic and ferritic. Each classification has unique atomic arrangements. For this reason, we often encounter certain stainless steels that aren’t magnetic and others that are. Basic stainless steels with a ferritic structure will attract a magnet, while more common austenitic types will … Read more

Do you offer laser die cutting?

Yes, we offer laser die cutting services. Also known as digital die cutting, laser die cutting involves high-powered lasers which vaporize, burn, or cut a design from any given material. Compared to traditional techniques, laser cutting offers greater precision and speed. You can fashion unique shapes using any material you can think of. Even when you use small and narrow materials for your print projects, you can expect lasers to deliver a fine level of cutting detail. Thanks to laser die cutting systems, we are able to provide customers with high-quality products at an affordable price.


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