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    Popular Sizes: 3' x 5', 4' x 6', 5' x 8', 5' x 10'

    What are grommets? Grommets, not gromits nor grommits, are small metal rings (also not “eyelets” as described below) that are typically used to hang signage including vinyl, fabric, and canvas banners.

    What are hems? To create a hem we fold the edges of the banner over, then sew or heat-weld the material down, strengthening the perimeter of the banner.

    What are pole pockets? Pole pockets are extra material wrapped around to the back side of the banner and heat welded to create a smooth 2-inch or 4-inch seam. They are similar to heat welded hems, but there is room for a pole or rode to go through the loop of material.

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