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Why Your Brand Needs Exclusively Custom Printed Boxes

All things considered, custom printed boxes are significant for thing bundling, yet additionally for an assortment of different employments. These crates are made involving inventive innovation in an assortment of structures and sizes to address the issues of the customers. Nothing beats a customized bundling answer for encasing a corrective thing, gems, electrical machine, food … Read more

Best Packaging Designs By Graphic Design Students

Best Packaging Designs By Graphic Design Students

Packaging keeps things well-organized. It doesn’t if it is a packet for your candies, a hamper for dirty laundry or the bottle which holds your kitchen ingredients, the things you put stuff in are very vital. The design of product packaging is the creation of the outer surface of your product. That takes account of … Read more

2019 Pentawards Honor Best in Packaging Design Worldwide

2019 Pentawards Honor Best in Packaging Design Worldwide

Pentawards 2019 was held in London last September, 12 and the winners were distinguished at a gala ceremony. With hundreds of the world’s premier and renowned packaging designs, as well as creative minds, was present. Pentawards presented 113 Bronze, 118 Silver, 58 Gold, 5 Platinum, and 1 Diamond award. Other special awards include Brand of … Read more

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Why Packaging Design Is Just As Important As Your Product

Having a great product is simply not enough to guarantee sales. The way you package that product has a lot to do with how successful it becomes. The value in packaging design cannot be underestimated because a lot of customers base their purchase decision upon it. This means that you may have an incredibly good … Read more

Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Roll Labels for the purpose of Food Packaging?

Yes you may use Our provided Roll Labels for food products just then if you are using intervening layer of food contact material, which is FDA approved. The customers and end-users are responsible to make sure that the products are used according to the appropriate FDA regulations.

What are hang tags used for?

Do you wish to add just a little more information to the packaging of your products? When you want to put in some new, exciting detail about your merchandise, some marketing real estate will come in handy. This is where a hang tag enters the picture.   More than just a bit of paper dangling from the neck of one of your products (or their container), a hang tag can be made to do so much more than showing the price of the item in question. A strategically placed tag can get would-be buyers excited over key information or special … Read more

Can you write on Roll Labels?

You can easily write on Semi-Gloss with no lamination and even Eggshell Felt using ball point pens. If you allow it to be fully dried, Permanent markers also work on roll labels that are laminated and on all substrates. But gel pen, ink pen, any different type available of pen and pencil cannot be used to write on your roll labels. Testing the specific application is recommended.

How do I attach hang tags to clothing?

If you wish to attach a hang tag on your clothing merchandise, there are a couple of ways to do so. The first option, which is the easiest way, is using a piece of string or cord.   Pull the cord through the hang tag’s hole and make a loop after. Fold the cord in half and tie up the closed end through the hang tag to secure the cord. Pull the open end of the cord through the loop at the opposite end. Knot the cord around the strap or clothing label on the garment. You can also knot … Read more


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