Hang Tags for Quality Products

Print eye-catching hang tags in a variety of custom shapes and sizes for your clothing, jewelry, or other products.

  • Full-Color Printing
  • Variety of Shapes & Sizes
  • Premium Papers w/ Special Finishes
  • Hole-Drilling Included
  • With String or Without
  • Add Metal Grommets

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Hang Tags Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach hang tags to clothing?

If you wish to attach a hang tag on your clothing merchandise, there are a couple of ways to do so. The first option, which is the easiest way, is using a piece of string or cord.   Pull the cord through the hang tag’s hole and make a loop after. Fold the cord in half and tie up the closed end through the hang tag to secure the cord. Pull the open end of the cord through the loop at the opposite end. Knot the cord around the strap or clothing label on the garment. You can also knot … Read more

What are hang tags used for?

Do you wish to add just a little more information to the packaging of your products? When you want to put in some new, exciting detail about your merchandise, some marketing real estate will come in handy. This is where a hang tag enters the picture.   More than just a bit of paper dangling from the neck of one of your products (or their container), a hang tag can be made to do so much more than showing the price of the item in question. A strategically placed tag can get would-be buyers excited over key information or special … Read more

What is a hang tag?

A hang tag is a label store owners or companies attach to pieces of merchandise. In fact, toys, electronic devices, sporting equipment, clothes, and anything you can put on a store’s shelf can have hang tags. Even cars displayed in showrooms can make use of one. Hang tags generally show a variety of information, including the price of the product, name of the manufacturer or designer, fabric care instructions, or materials used for the item.   While normally associated with displaying the price of off-the-rack clothes, hang tags can do so much more these days. In fact, companies are using … Read more

What papers do you offer for hang tags?

Our current standard offering of papers for hang tags is: 14 pt Cream 14 pt Pearl 16 pt Matte / Gloss 18 pt Brown Kraft 20 pt Plastic (clear/white) 20 pt Soft-Suede 32 pt Thick Black Layer We can source almost any paper you can imagine, simply fill out our custom order form and we will get you a quote quickly via email.

Are mini business cards a good idea?

Well… we think so! And here’s why: 1. They’re good for the environment (save paper & ink) 2. They’re different, something rather than the standard 2″ x 3.5″ 3. They can be used as hangtags (just use a hand punch to knock out a hole) 4. They’re humble and cute 5. They take up less room in your pocket 🙂


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