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Ensure your brand stands out from the crowd with a dynamic material like Plastic – that is both aesthetically stunning while at the same time durable, unbendable & 100% waterproof.




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Pro Tips for Designing Amazing Plastic Business Cards

Business cards have enjoyed a serious revolution in the last few decades. No longer are these professional snapshots printed exclusively on cardstock with the same, bland layout all across the board. If you’re exploring the option of plastic business cards, you might be looking for something that’s extra durable or that helps you stand out … Read more

mbossed On Plastic Sheet As Credit Card Technique Of Printing Embosse

The Power of Plastic Business Cards: Redefining Swanky

Paper or plastic? It’s an age-old question we’ve come to expect at the grocery store checkout line. Yet, now it applies to your business cards, as well! While there will always be a place for great-quality paper cards, today’s innovative new designs and unexpected materials are taking the corporate world by storm. One such example? … Read more

f I was a plastic card, I'd be this one! So elegant, I love it #inspirati

Top 10 Favorite “Plastic Business Cards”

Are you a business owner? Do you own business cards? If you are saying “Yes” to the above questions, spare a thought here- does your business card makes an impact? Do people take a second look on your card or they straight away shove it into their pockets? Well, business cards have the power to … Read more


Plastic Card Comparison

Hey, guys. Austin here. Anyways, I know you guys are going through our website and thinking “Jeez theres a lot of info here!”. For that reason, I thought I’d make a couple of quick videos to illustrate some things a bit quicker and more thoroughly. One popular product for us is, of course, plastic business … Read more

transparent business plastic cards

Top 10 Plastic Business Card Designs To Inspire Your Next Project

It’s time to be environmentally conscious. We’re hoping there are at least some business cards on this list made from recycled plastic. If not, then we’re ruining the oceans or whatever the people on the news are telling us these days. Seriously though, recycle. The plastic bottle you’re drinking out of could be someone’s business … Read more

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Plastic Card – Tutorial

Here at Print Peppermint, we consider ourselves lucky that we are exposed to so many creative plastic business card designs every single day. If you’ve decided to print on plastic for your next business card project, you’ve made a wise choice but there are some things you should know. Here are a few recommendations that will … Read more

Plastic Frequently Asked Questions

Are plastic business cards waterproof?

Yes. Plastic business cards are on-trend right now, as they are more durable and unique-looking than traditional paper cards. Typically made of flexible but tough PVC plastic, these business cards will look sharp even if you expose it to water, coffee, and other liquids. And it holds its shape even if it’s kept in a wallet. When considering plastic business cards, you may want to choose high-gloss plastic. It makes your designs pop. Also, you’d want to print on both sides for an overall standout effect.

Can I print double sided on your plastic cards?

Yes — you can print double-sided on your plastic cards. You can print on both sides of your 20 pt and 30 pt thick white plastic cards. You can also do the same on 30 pt clear or frosted plastic business cards. However, you can’t print double-sided on 20 pt clear or frosted cards.

How do I design for products printed on Plastic?

When you design plastic cards you must keep in mind that clear plastic cards and the frosted ones are transparent. Also, plastic cards with round corners do not have any extra charge! The difference in the transparency can be seen above. The clear cards (on right) are transparent. The frosted cards (in center) are semi-transparent and it is difficult to see through them. The opaque white plastic cards (on left) are not transparent and solid white. Remember this while designing your plastic cards as it will affect the design that you print. Printing on Frosted and Clear Plastic Cards will … Read more

What shapes and sizes do you offer for plastic business cards?

Our basic plastic business cards come in 4 shapes and sizes: The Standard, The Square, The Mini, and The Oval. For each option, you can choose between clear frosted translucent and white plastic. All our business cards are printed on the highest quality paper in full color. Here are all your options: The Standard: 2”x3.5” The Square: 5”x2.5” The Mini:5”3.5” The Oval: 2”x3.5” We also do foil stamping on thin plastic business cards. Your design will be printed in opaque hot foil on one side of the card. You have two options for this: Clear Frost + Foil and Solid … Read more

Why do all the plastic cards have rounded corners?

Most, if not all, business cards have rounded corners. That’s because sharp pointy edges can potentially result in skin punctures and other injuries that are more severe than paper cuts. Since many of us like to keep our business cards close at hand, we always recommend softening the sharp corners of your plastic cards. It’s safer this way. In addition, corner rounding gives your cards a more finished and professional look. You can also expect your cards to last longer with rounded corners as these soft edges prevent the plastic from cracking or splitting apart.


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