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Kraft Paper Business Card Looks Understated but Polished


About the Client

Adam Powell is a healthcare management consultant who specializes in measuring the quality and operations of healthcare services. A graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, he holds a doctorate and master’s degree and is currently the President of Payer+Provider Syndicate, a consulting firm that’s focused on balancing healthcare quality and finance in different areas of medicine.

Powell’s expertise is in global health informatics, mHealth (mobile health), and other high-cost interventions, concentrating on the technological and economic aspects of health care systems. With his world-renowned experience, Dr. Powell’s work has been featured by international publications and media outlets including CNN, Forbes, JAMA, Inc., Fox, NBC News, and Reuters.


Kraft Paper Business Card Is Simple and Polished

This standard-sized business card features an eco-friendly kraft paper stock. The layout brings both the firm logo and the contact information on one side of the card, separated neatly by a gray line. The logo is quite simple, with a circular design that shows a cross pattern in the middle. One-fourth of the logo is slightly detached to imitate a 3D effect. All the printed details use black and gray ink, keeping the style masculine but not aggressive. Simple, clean lines against natural textured paper make the card understated and professional.

Austin Terrill

Austin is the founder and CEO of Print Peppermint. He loves art, graphic design, printing, music, recording gear, synthesizers, and ice cream. He lives in Berlin with his wife and two children.