Print Peppermint Letterpress Business Ca Business Card Design Example

Letterpress Business Cards Bring Authentic Charm


Letterpress business cards add that touch of handmade craftsmanship that the typical digital print just can’t provide. Letterpress print features a rugged and retro texture, which makes for a quirky aesthetic. It looks authentic, and if you want to boost that in your branding strategy, letterpress business cards are the way to go.

Letterpress is a more premium technique in printing, which means you have to choose high-grade stock as your canvas. In this example, you can see that the letterpress technique is showcased nicely against the Ahlstrom stock used. Because the letterpress embeds the design onto the paper, a thicker stock suits this type of workmanship.

With regard to the letterpress, you can see that it uses just one color. Indeed, some of the best letterpress work tends to feature just one or two colors. You don’t really need the whole color wheel to make your letterpress designs stand out. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use any color when doing letterpress; certain designs just pop out more if you stick to one palette.

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