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4 Groovy Sizes

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8.5" x 5.5"



8.5" x 11"



8.5" x 11"



11" x 17"

3 Folding Types

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Bi-Fold / Half-Fold



Curated Selection of Premium Papers

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Light Gloss

  • 100lb text weight
  • Semi-Gloss

Light Matte

  • 100lb text weight
  • Flat, Dull

Heavy Gloss

  • 10pt Cardstock
  • Semi-Gloss

Heavy Matte

  • 10pt Cardstock
  • Matte Coated

Light Natural

  • 70lb text weight
  • Uncoated

Popular Uses for Brochures

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All your Brochures FAQs, answered.

Why does my brochure need to be scored in order to fold?

If you have chosen one of our thicker rigid paper stocks for your brochure it cannot be machine-folded in an automated way. Therefore, we need to score the piece to aid with folding and to reduce paper cracking. Thick brochures will be scored and shipped flat, meaning you will do...

What types of folds are available for brochures?

You can choose from 3 different folding types: tri-fold brochures, half-fold brochures, and z-fold brochures. Tri-fold: A 3-fold brochure has two side sections folded inward, with each one folded on top of the other. Each of the three folds makes up 1/3 of the length of the entire brochure. Half-fold:...

What papers do you offer for brochures?

Our brochures come in four different premium paper types: Gloss Book, Dull Book, Gloss Cover, and Premium Opaque. 100lb Gloss Book High-Gloss UV Coating  Gloss Book may come with a high-gloss ultraviolet coating to make brochures extra shiny and reflective. You can grab a lot of attention with a brochure...

What is the difference between a flimsy or stiff brochure?

The quality of the paper you choose determines the look of your brochure. Depending on your choice, you could either produce a flimsy or a stiff brochure. As its name suggests, a flimsy brochure is made out of thin paper such as regular copy paper. This option is less expensive...

What is a brochure?

What is a Brochure? How to Design a High Sales Conversion Brochure Unfortunately, most brochures are destined for the trash. Our role as creative designers is to change the course of this disastrous fate against overwhelming odds. This peppermint guide is aimed at creative designers who want to avoid mistakes...

How do I make a brochure?

How to Design an Effective Brochure for your Business Source: Unsplash What is a Brochure? A Brochure is a folded piece of paper, leaflet or pamphlet, which serves as a marketing tool to spread the word about a product, event or service. Think of it as a promotional document, designed...

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