Printing Types

HP Indigo Liquid Toner Digital Printing

HP Indigo digital presses are a wonderful innovation for all of your prints. They are easy to use and worth it at the same time. They can print digitally generated images and that’s not all, they also make use of liquid electrostatic ink. This means you don’t require a slate […]

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Dry Toner Digital Printing

Just like offspring printers, digital printers make use of magenta, cyan, black and yellow for its colored images. However, unlike offset printing, it is a form of printing that has nothing to do with printing plates. It makes use of digitally generated images instead. This causes it to have a […]

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Screen Printing

Definition. The process of screen printing is referred to as serigraphy which is a type of printing using a stencil. This stencil is fully backed up on a woven screen which is in turn, stretched on a good frame for balance. During the printing process, all the materials are placed […]

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Offset Lithography

Definition When choosing the best printing technique, offset lithography comes out as the best. In the offset lithography technique, the ink is moved to the rubber blanket directly from the plate. It then moves to the paper. The printer must always be able to adjust the density of the ink […]

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