Krafty Down Home Feel for Salt Grass Inn’s new Business Card

Comfy Brown with a Hint of Red


This vertical business card uses 20pt brown kraft paper, immediately lending it a warm and rustic feel. The borders on both sides of the card bring the receiver’s focus to the text while the subtle reds complement the brown color of the paper. One side displays the establishment’s name in huge, bold serif. The location is printed underneath using the same font, although set in smaller type to emphasize the establishment’s name.

The other side of the card displays the establishment’s logo, complete address, and contact information. From the choice of paper and font to the layout, all the elements of this card work together to create a clean and inviting look.

Austin Terrill

Austin is the founder and CEO of Print Peppermint. He loves art, graphic design, printing, music, recording gear, synthesizers, and ice cream. He lives in Berlin with his wife and two children.