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Pink & Black Dragons! Graphic Designer Sarah Station’s new Business Card

20 Sep 2018 | Tags

Hot Pink on Pitch Black


About the Client

Sarah Station is a graphic designer born in Tacoma, Washington, and raised in Boise, Idaho. She developed an interest in design at a young age and earned her bachelor’s degree in graphic design from The Art Institute. Now she creates logos, website and app designs, typography, posters, and many more.


Using Contrast to Create a Chic Design

The pink-on-black design of this business card suggests boldness and moxie. The color scheme is an interesting but effective choice as the black background accentuates the pink text and logo. The client’s logo is featured front and center on one side of the card. The logo itself showcases the client’s skill for design, and dedicating the entire space to the logo gives it emphasis.

The reverse side of the card displays the client’s logo at the top-center, with her name and profession underneath. The bottom part of the card contains the client’s contact information. All text is printed in hot pink, and the fonts are thin and modern.

Finally, the card’s edges are lined with the same shade of pink used for the text and logo, adding a subtle yet striking element to bring everything together.

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