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Jam City (formerly SGN) Video Game Developer Cloud-Shaped Business Card

20 Sep 2018 | Tags

Bring Fun and Whimsy with Different Die Cut Shapes

About the Client

SGN is a gaming network that is now rebranded as Jam City, Inc. The company is behind some of the most successful and enduring social gaming franchises made for mobile phones, such as Cookie Jam and Panda Pop. Jam City, Inc., is led by two experienced leaders: CEO Chris DeWolfe, who is a cofounder of MySpace, and Josh Yguado, who is a former 20th Century Fox executive.

With their team, the company pushes for immersive and engrossing mobile games that focus on innovative storytelling through latest data science and audience insights. They work with top entertainment franchises, like Harry Potter and Marvel Avengers, to create memorable and iconic mobile games.

Make It Fun with a Colorful and Cloud-Shaped Business Card

Regular business cards may not do the trick for a creative company such as Jam City, Inc. A die-cut business card, like the one shown here, can certainly stand out from the rest of the marketing materials out there.

This card features a custom cloud-shaped die cut, which immediately sets it apart from typical cards. While it has a non-traditional shape, it still has a slim width, making it easy to store in a card case or wallet.

Adding even more fanfare to the card’s shape are the colorful designs. The vibrant blue palette is shown on both sides of the card. One side is decorated with graphics from the company’s game, while the other side holds the company info.

By placing the company’s accomplishments (500 million downloads and Facebook “Game of the Year” winner) front and center, the business card becomes a promotional tool at the same time.

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