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Classy Cards for Classy Window Treatments – Sibila Glöggler Korb & Co

20 Sep 2018 | Tags

Make Your Company Logo the Centerpiece


About the Client

Sibila Glöggler Korb & Co is a company specializing in window treatments for both residential and commercial spaces. Based in Boston, the company provides professional services on custom curtains, shutters, and blinds in and around the area. Leading the company are couple Sibila Glöggler and David Korb, both of whom have finance backgrounds.

Business Card Showcases the Company Logo

This business card features a simple and minimalist aesthetic, with both the logo and text printed in blue ink against a plain white stock. The main design element is the company’s logo, a monogram of the letters S, G, and K, which stand for the company’s name.

The sensual, clean lines of the logo are visually stunning against the plain white background. Meanwhile, on the reverse side are all the contact details, placed neatly on the left side of the card.

All in all, the choice of stock, color, and layout brings an understated but highly sophisticated design in this business card.

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