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Attract new customers with large format banners for indoor and outdoor. Travel easy with vertical retractable banner stands.

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Retractable Banners: Universal Advertising Tools

Description: Businesses use banners for many reasons. With their help, entrepreneurs can promote the brand or deliver a message to target audiences. Today, a retractable banner gains popularity. Read on to learn more about their benefits and usage.

Top Benefits of Custom Banners

Going Big With Banners: The Top Benefits of Custom Banners

The Top Benefits of Custom Banners Custom banners are excellent for advertising. Read on to learn all about the top benefits of custom banners. Do you want to advertise a sale outside of your business or make your business’ presence felt inside at a conference or trade show? One of the most effective ways to … Read more

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Outdoor Advertising Done Right: 4 Design Tips for the Best Banners

Outdoor Advertising Done Right: 4 Design Tips for the Best Banners The best banners are meant to stand out. After all, why bother to have banners printed if they’re going to be basic? Check out these 4 tips for designing the best outdoor banners. Do you want to promote your business but don’t know where … Read more

Banners Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for banner design?

Here are links to two of our banner design services pricing packages. Click the links below. Banner Design Category : Design Services Trade Show Banner Design Category : Design Services Hire our graphic designers to layout your next creative project.

I would love borders on my banner or sign, is that cool?

Unfortunately, borders are a no-no for printing. Borders are problematic since all substrates vary for each batch. This makes precise cutting almost impossible. For Grand4mat, it’s strongly recommended not to add borders on your design. If you insist on including them, go for borders about 2 inches thick. However, do note that if you send a file containing borders, Grand4mat will not do a reprint in case the print shows differences in border size and positioning.

What are the benefits and applications of blockout and mesh banners?

Outdoor banners have to be strong enough to hold up against the elements. They also need to be large and flashy enough to attract attention. So, if you want a banner that can look great even after long-term exposure to harsh environments, you have two options: blockout and mesh banners. Blockout banners make two-sided printing possible. You can easily double your ad’s visibility and effectiveness with this option. Made with 100% opacity, these banners blockout the print from the other side. These banners also prevent printed graphics from washing out, especially when a light source is right behind the sign. … Read more

What is the difference between a standard and premium retractable banner really?

Retractable banners are perfect for trade shows, conferences, and in-store events, where you need to attract attention, build brand awareness, and promote products. These are usually lightweight, compact, and easy to set up. You have two options to choose from: standard and premium retractable banners. Standard retractable banners are light yet stable. They are also large enough to stand out in a crowd. They are durable, collapsible, and hassle-free. You can store one inside a small case, so you can easily and quickly transport it to any event. Premium retractable banners are a bit larger compared to the standard version. … Read more

What type of banner materials do you print on?

8oz Mesh Outdoor Vinyl: This is a lighter vinyl that allows for wind to pass through and some through-visibility. 10 mil Premium Indoor Vinyl: Great for POP displays that quickly and conveniently showcase your products and services. Art quality print resolution. 13 oz Scrim Outdoor Vinyl: features a threaded grid throughout the banner for increased strength and durability. The print resolution is great but not as high as our 10mil premium indoor vinyl. This material does allow for much larger sizes. Our 15oz Blockout Vinyl is perfect for situations where you need the highest quality banner. Its smooth surface provides … Read more

Do I need bleed for large format products?

For these types of materials, assign at least half an inch on each corner. For instance, if you have a 24-inch x 18-inch print material, your file size should stand at 25 x 19 inches. This should be enough for bleed margins.    Outdoor and Indoor Banners and Canvas Banners You don’t need to place any bleed marks for these types of materials. Have your file sized according to the specific measurements of the order, or make it proportional to the actual size. If you are ordering hems, assign a 2-inch safe zone on all sides. Banners tend to lose … Read more

Do I need bleed for my large format design files?

Coroplast, PVC, Foamcore, Car Magnets, Banner Stands and Large Posters: We require a 0.5 inch bleed on all sides. If ordering at 24 inch by 18 inch, your file size should be 25 inches by 19 inches to allow for bleed. Loose Outdoor Banners, Indoor Banners and Canvas Banners: We request that no bleed or crop marks are placed. Make your file to the size ordered (or proportional). If ordering hems, leave a 2 inch safe zone on all sides. Expect to lose between 1/8 inch to 2 inches per side with banners. Polyester Banners: We require a 0.5 inch … Read more

What are grommets and pole pockets?

Banners are often hung from a higher point to make it more visible to passersby. Attachments such as pole pockets and grommets may be added to the banners to make sure they are held securely in place when hung. Grommets are small rings fastened into the hem of the banner and offer a variety of hanging options. These are similar to the rings you see on your curtains and drapes. Let’s say you’re hoping to install a banner for long-term outdoor use. These grommets should be installed every 2-3 feet along the banner’s edges to ensure that its weight is … Read more

When and how should I scale my artwork to keep the file in a manageable size?

While scaling your artwork can make it more manageable size-wise, it’s not always required to change size specifications. You should only use smaller scales if the file is too big. Here are different types of artwork and print materials, and how to scale each one: Vector Art Grand4mat can print large outdoor banners of up to 150 ft. x 16 ft., but most software nowadays will only create art up to 228 inches. Also, PDF reader and converter software like Adobe Acrobat have a maximum view size of 200 inches. This means you could lose a portion of the piece. … Read more

Why the hell is my file so big?

If you are creating your banner design in a raster based program such as Adobe Photoshop, your file is going to be large. Depending on your design this may be necessary, however, we suggest using a vector based design software such as Adobe Illustrator. As long as your design doesn’t feature any raster elements, such as a photograph, your file sizes will be very small.


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