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Safe & Sexy! Sliquid Natural Lubricants for Women

20 Sep 2018 | Tags

Plain Backdrop Showcases Branding Assets


About the Client

Sliquid is a brand specializing in intimate products for women, which include lubricants, massage oils, and bubble baths.

The brand offers over 100 separate products, and each one is formulated specifically for sensitive skin, so there are no parabens, glycerin, and other harsh chemicals that often cause problems and reactions for a lot of women.

Founder and CEO Dean Elliot is focused on providing safe, all-natural, and vegan-friendly products for consumers.


Plain Backdrop Makes Branding Assets Stand Out

These two standard-sized business cards look quite simple, but they are eye-catching enough due to the different branding elements included.

For example, the blue Sliquid card has the logo prominently displayed on the left. The symbolic logo also looks like an aloe vera plant, which happens to be the main ingredient of some of their products. Smaller versions of the logo are printed right next to the big piece. On the right portion, you can clearly see the company name, while below it is the card owner’s information.

The Love Labs business card also features the same attention to detail. Its top border is a vivid red with bubble patterns, to symbolize lab formulas. And on the right portion of the card is the company logo, printed large to make a lasting impression.

Both cards use modern typography, keeping things streamlined and focused on the logos.

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