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Star-Trek Inspired Business Card Sample – Geordi La Forge


This is one of the business card examples from our free sample pack.

Yeah, I know it cost one dollar but that’s mostly in order to prevent abuse on our site.


So first I want to talk about design.

Taro, our wonderfully talented lead designer chose a Star Trek theme for this particular piece but as some of you may know we have our own little peppermint world on our website with various personas and characters and Taro has taken our lovely sweet dog character and turned him into Lieutenant Commander Jordy Laforge from Star Trek the next generation.

Because all the design elements are applied with hot foil stamping Taro chose to use a minimalistic line-art illustration style.


On the backside of the piece we have the print peppermint icon and the production specs of the listed out which read:

Paper: 22 point black suede
Finish: silver hot foil
Edge: Royal Blue Foil

For the paper, we chose our 22 pt black onyx suede / soft-touch stock.

It features an incredibly uniform, super-smooth surface, and offers a mega-deep dark rich black color.

Unlike uncoated black papers, this one does not show the natural fibers and inconsistencies of the paper grain.

Edge foiling is one of our newest finishing features

We’ve worked very diligently over the last months with our Master Pressman Joe and finally, through much trial and error, we were able to create a consistent procedure for applying hot foil to the edges business cards.

I’m very interested to know your thoughts and feelings about this piece you have any opinions about the design for the production specs please leave a comment below and we can start a conversation.

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