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Greeting Cards Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer oversized greeting cards?

Yes we do! Please request a custom quote for pricing. Please note, they are printed on coroplast (yard sign) material and are outdoor / weatherproof.

How do I make a greeting card?

Show someone wonderful in your life that you care about them by sending them personalized greeting cards. You have three different options for this. You can make your own card from scratch, use online card editors, or seek help from professional card makers. Handmade Greeting Cards DIY cards can be just as attractive as their store-bought counterparts. Even without artistic skills, you can make someone feel special through handmade cards. For instance, you can buy scrapbooking items and stick them onto a card to make it more personal. You can also scavenge for old ribbons, wrapping paper, or buttons to … Read more

How do I write a greeting card?

No matter what occasion, a gift as simple as a greeting card can brighten someone’s day. To help you send meaningful messages every single time, we’ve come up with a little guide. Whenever you can’t find the right words to say, you can turn to this for some inspiration. Consider the person you’re writing to You can open your message with “Dear” or “Dearest” to sound more formal. For a more casual approach, start with “Hi” or “Hello.” Tell them why you’re writing Consider the occasion. In a line or two, deliver your personal greeting. Don’t worry about filling the … Read more

What papers do you offer for greeting cards?

We offer a variety of premium paper stocks as standard order, however we can source any paper you would like, just request a custom quote. Standard Matte Smooth Matte Aqueous 16PT Thickness Standard Gloss UV Gloss Coated 16PT Thickness Silk Matte Matte Laminated 18PT Thickness Pearl Shimmer Pearlized Metallic 14PT Thickness Elegant Linen Linen Lined Texture 10PT Thickness Natural Cream Uncoated Off-White 14PT Thickness

What is a greeting card?

Often an illustrated piece of card stock, a greeting card is used to convey well wishes, season’s greetings, and other sentiments. Today, most greeting cards are mass-produced. But there are also handmade versions, which are created and distributed by companies of all sizes. Folded Cards Most greeting cards are folded. They have an illustration decorating the cover, while the greetings are tucked between the pages. This adds an element of surprise to your card. Aside from the message itself, you could surprise your loved ones with a pop-up picture or a printed message. There are also musical greeting cards that … Read more

What should I do with old greeting cards?

Anyone who likes to hold onto items with sentimental value will certainly have boxes packed with old greeting cards. At some point, you might start to think about tossing them out. That’s a shame because there are plenty of things you can do with old greeting cards! Turn them into a book Instead of throwing away old cards, consider compiling them into a book. You can take on a DIY project and bind the cards yourself. You may also ask a professional to do it. Frame them If you have scant storage space, you should also consider making digital copies … Read more


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