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Stick your logo and brand message on packages, laptops, or your grandma if you want. Custom labels and stickers are always super fun for business owners and customers alike.

Stickers & Labels

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Print Online Best die-cut-stickers-vs-kiss-cut-stickers

Die Cut Stickers vs. Kiss Cut Stickers

Stickers are a brilliant way to earn some brand recognition and develop a defined personality for your business. Clever slogans, artful images, and intricate graphics are all fair game in the world of stickers, but there’s a lot left to consider once you settle on a design. For those who understand that an unusually shaped … Read more

Print Online Best How to Print The Highest Quality Custom Stickers

How to Print The Highest Quality Custom Stickers

Custom stickers can serve a wide range of purposes, from viral marketing to personal branding and just good fun. What if you order custom stickers that just aren’t up to par, though? Fortunately, there are some simple ways to ensure that doesn’t happen—just follow these tips and you’ll have the highest quality stickers you can … Read more

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12 Tips to Promote Your Tattoo Shop Like There is No Tomorrow!

Any business owner needs to work hard to ensure the success of their business. This means that not only do they spend all their time trying to improve the operations and the functioning of the store, but they also have to constantly think of new ways to promote and market their products and services.  The … Read more

sticker marketing

Sticker Marketing Benefits: 8 Reasons Businesses Should Promote With Stickers

Just because multiple social media platforms have taken over the world, doesn’t mean they’ve completely taken over the marketing world as well. Sure, there are many benefits to using social media for marketing and businesses should take advantage, but it’s important to keep in mind the benefits of offline marketing tactics as well. There are … Read more

white red and yellow floral letter b wall decor

Sticker Marketing 101: Are Business Stickers Still Relevant?

Are Business Stickers Still Relevant? Everyone likes stickers. And that’s one of the reasons why sticker marketing still works today. If you want to know more about business stickers, stick around for some interesting sticker facts! Promotional stickers are nothing new. But there’s a reason why they’re still being used today: They work. Everyone likes … Read more

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Stick it to the man with stickers!

Get your community involved with stickers! Why just say your message when you can make it walk around on two legs instead? Introducing stickers — a marvelous invention we didn’t actually invent! Stickers are great at inspiring people to interact with what you have to say. The right design can turn heads and even become … Read more

Stickers & Labels Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Stickers Be Removed?

We use strong and permanent adhesive for the stickers. So, it is advised you do not remove these once they’ve been applied.

How do I make stickers?

Well as with most things, there a several ways to skin the cat. Here are a few options you have for making your own stickers. The Avery Way You can always design your sticker yourself, buy some Avery label stock, and print them out on your digital printer at home. Avery provides pre-cut label sheets for almost any application from envelope address labels to cd/dv labels. The DIY Approach Here’s a fun video that claims to show you how to make your own stickers “without sticker paper” The Peppermint Way And here comes the shameless self-promotion portion of the show… … Read more

How do I remove stickers from glass, car, bumper… or get them off anything, really?

Our stickers use a very strong adhesive that attaches well to nearly all surfaces ensuring your message is always seen. The downside to this is that they can be a little tricky to remove. Nevertheless, these situations do arise where you need to remove stickers and the residue they leave behind, here are some articles and resources that do a good job of giving step by step how to guides for removing stickers.

What Are Bumper Stickers?

Print Peppermint’s bumper stickers are printed on 4mil high-quality white vinyl film. It is coated with acrylic adhesive, which is laminated to a layflat liner. The film accepts various curable and solvent-based inks whereas the liner offers exceptional product layflat. This allows the stickers to adhere effortlessly to the bumpers and withstand any environmental conditions. 

What are the different types of stickers you offer?

Well… as you can see from browsing our wonderful stickers product category page, we offer a wide variety of stickers in different shapes for various applications, including:  Die Cut Stickers Circle Stickers Rectangle Stickers Square Stickers Oval Stickers Bumper Stickers Metallic Foil Stickers Clear Stickers Wall Stickers All of our stickers are printed in full color, and most are printed on our weatherproof/waterproof vinyl. Our Metallic foil stickers, however, are printed on a paper-based label stock that is better suited for indoor applications. Our customers use our stickers for a variety of purposes including: Laptop Stickers Bike Stickers Bumper Stickers … Read more

What if I want regular paper stickers?

Although we don’t recommend them because they aren’t as durable as vinyl stickers, we can definitely print them and they are much cheaper. If you’d like pricing for your project, please fill out our custom quote form. They are available on high gloss indoor label stock.

How do I setup artwork for a die cut product?

Find a good vector design program such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator to create a mask file for your die cut projects. Here’s how you can prepare artworks for die cutting:   Step 1: Start a new design project. To set up a print file for die cutting, your design must be made in CMYK mode and with 300 dpi. As for the size, it’s all up to you.   Step 2: Make a bleed line around your artwork. Make a duplicate of your entire design, and place it directly above the existing one. You have to merge all the … Read more


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