Advertising is a marketing communication that offers an openly sponsored, impersonal message in order to promote or sell a product or service. Businesses, small and large, engage in advertising out of a desire to promote and sell their products.  Advertising is delivered through a variety of media channels: including traditional channels like newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising or direct mail; and now, digital media channels like search results, blogs, social media, websites, and even text messages.

Recent Advertising articles

It’s Not Yet Time to Stop Print Advertising

In this emerging digital world, print ad revenues have declined over the years, and then came the pandemic. Data shows that the top 25 newspapers in the US have lost 20% of their weekday print circulation between the first quarter of 2020, and Q3 2021. However, it is still impractical for brands to skip this … Read more

5 Facebook Advertising Tips for 2020

Facebook advertising can be just what you need to get your message out there. It is such an attractive option because it gets your message out efficiently, to the right person, at the right time, without wasting a moment on your part. Of course this is not to say there’s anything wrong with organic growth. … Read more

5 Essential Elements of An Effective Business Card

Just as with any other professional document like a resume or cover letter, not all business cards are created equal. There are definite Dos and Don’ts when it comes to designing your business card, so make sure that you’ve included each of these critical elements before placing your order. Your Name and Contact Information This … Read more

4 Tips to Get Your Custom Business Card Design Started off Right!

It’s the 21st century—there have never been more options when it comes to customizing your business cards. From clever design tricks that win a smile to creative colors and shapes that dazzle the eyes, there’s a lot to consider when designing your business cards. That said, getting down to the nitty-gritty of the design work … Read more

The Best Places To Distribute Your Flyers

We live in a digital day and age but there is still the need for a variety of printed marketing materials, including flyers. Your seasonal and promotional flyers must be targeted to your demographic and have artful and engaging design. Before design, you must consider where you will distribute your flyers. For best results, have … Read more

How to Make Business Cards: A Step by Step Guide

Whether you’re just starting as a professional or have been in the game for a while, new business cards can step up your game. A well-designed card should send a message about who you are, what you do, and give a sense of your style or personality. When you hand it to someone, it should … Read more

Are Moo Business Cards Overpriced for What You’re Getting?

Business cards can set your image in the market. Whether you own a small business or you are a business tycoon, a business card is the face of your business. Many companies provide the best types of cards at a reasonable price. Print Peppermint is such a company that can deliver the best types of … Read more

15 Great Places to Hang Flyers for Your Business

15 Best Places to Hang Flyers for Your Business You ordered a bunch of flyers for your business. Now, where do you hang them? Read on to learn the best places to hang flyers for your business. It’s one thing to design an amazing flyer for your business and another to display it in a … Read more

Why You NEED to Invest in a Professional Photographer for Your Next Advertising Campaign

Why You NEED to Hire a Photographer for Your Next Advertising Campaign Do you want your next advertising campaign to make a major impact? If so, here’s why you NEED to invest in a professional photographer. Do you want to make sure your company’s next advertising campaign is as successful as it can possibly be? If … Read more

Don’t Wind up in the Trash: 15 Business Card Design Tips to Help You Craft a Keeper

15 Business Card Design Tips to Help You Craft a Winner How can you make sure your business card gets seen? By making it unforgettable. Sleek. Creative. Here are 15 business card design tips you need to consider! There were 30.2 million small businesses in the United States in 2018.  If you own a business in … Read more

Target Is Celebrating the Twentieth Years of Designer Teamwork

Target designer collaborations are amazing. Aside from being striking and flashy, they are also daring and brave and, at the same time, easily accessible at a fraction of cost. They push the envelope and ask clients to hang up what they know regarding designer fashion. Therefore, Target chooses to launch amazing pieces to commemorate 20th … Read more

Customer Journey Mapping: How to Use it to Improve Customer Experience

Customary Journey Mapping, a pictographic illustration of the path a client follows after coming in contact with a business. The graphing method captures the manifold interactions clients make with companies at diverse touchpoints. Thorough mapping enables companies to imagine the experience of the buyers.  The objective of the companies is to know the important interactions … Read more

What to put on a business card?

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer to this question. It all depends on the type of business you have and which contact channel you’d like to emphasize. Some business owners wish to be contacted by phone and others prefer to have a bit of separation by using email. At any rate, our main … Read more

How to Design a Brochure: The A to Z of Brochure Designing

Brochure designing is sensitive art. Did Pablo Picasso or Leonardo Vinci or other virtuosos of the olden times hurriedly jump onto the canvas? No! First, they delved into the deepest recesses of their mind, laid the blueprints for their masterpieces, and then and only then sketched what we call today as “timeless jewels”. So before … Read more

How do I make a billboard design?

Designing a Billboard that Sells ― the Ultimate Guide One aspect that makes billboards an essential marketing tool is a roadside ubiquity. These massive structures are seeded into the ground almost everywhere, from busy traffic signals to the lush green pastors of the countryside. The glances they enjoy ― millions. The potential they possess to … Read more

Outdoor Advertising Done Right: 4 Design Tips for the Best Banners

Outdoor Advertising Done Right: 4 Design Tips for the Best Banners The best banners are meant to stand out. After all, why bother to have banners printed if they’re going to be basic? Check out these 4 tips for designing the best outdoor banners. Do you want to promote your business but don’t know where … Read more

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