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Creative Ideas for Artists’ Business Cards

When you are in the creative field, people around expect you to be more distinctive and unique. So, if you have plain and un-original artist business cards, you will never be able to convince people about your talent. Remember, there are too many artists out there who have those plain and unappealing white rectangles with … Read more

Shooting in the Rain: The Top Tips for Taking Photos in the Rain

Photos taken in the rain can look very romantic and artsy. Read on to learn the top tips for shooting in the rain. We’ve outlined everything you need to know! Photographers like you are terrified of their camera getting wet. Water destroys expensive electronics, and the last thing you need is your subject looking like … Read more

Look What I Did!: The Top Tips for Exhibiting Your Photography

How to Display Photos in Your Home Are you looking to display your photography around your home? Read on to learn how to display photos like a pro. You’re proud of your photos. From family snapshots to artwork, you’ve worked hard at photographing subjects that mean something to you. But if no one seems to … Read more

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