Business Card Ideas & Inspiration

Designers’ block? Are you stuck and just don’t know how to start designing your business card. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. Once you understand the basics of business cards, it can quite helpful to view business cards from other designers to spark an idea. Below you will find over 200 articles on recently completed projects from our clients. On some of the projects, we handled design and printing, on others just print production. You might also get inspired by checking out the Graphic Design and Logo Design sections of our blog.

Recent Business Card Ideas & Inspiration articles

rookie republic

Strikingly Gold, Decisively Bold   About the Client Rookie Republic believes that anyone can be an entrepreneur; it’s all a matter of mindset. All you need is a good deal of ambition. It’s an organization with the goal of empowering young and ambitious entrepreneurs (or Rookies) by creating inspiring content and hosting events focused on …

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rivers edge foundry

Minimalism with a Hint of Elegance   About the Client Founded in 1983, Rivers Edge Foundry, LLC, is an art restoration company based in Beloit, Wisconsin. It prides itself on having the resources, skills, and experience to bring your old or damaged piece of art back to life.   Simple, Striking, and Elegant This standard-sized …

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redhawk lucas construction repair

Spot UV Elevates an All-Black Design   About the Client Redhawk Lucas provides custom carpentry, remodeling, and fabrication services for events. Lucas previously worked as a fabricator for Pacific Studio, where he collaborated with museums, national parks, universities, and art centers across the US. He is currently based in Austin, Texas, working as a field …

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red six media

Premium Matte Finish for a Corporate Look About the Client Red Six Media is a Louisiana-based creative agency. Established in 2009, the firm has extensive experience in advertising campaigns, design, and media projects. From clients like ExxonMobil and Dow, to local dining establishments and businesses, the company has a rich and diverse portfolio for different …

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raven j

Golden Glittery Design Fit for an Event Planner   About the Client Raven J. Events is an Atlanta-based company offering personalized event planning and coordination. The team provides full or partial service before and during the day itself. From choosing the venue, budgeting, and planning, to the overall décor and guest accommodations, they aim to …

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rail car omaha

Modern and Classic Themes Work Well Together   About the Client Railcar Modern American Kitchen specializes in the classic American dining experience. The restaurant serves comfort food made from scratch, as well as craft cocktails. The must-haves in the restaurant’s menu are the succulent house-smoked ribs with its signature cherry barbecue sauce and the bestseller …

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rachel wedding planner

Floral Business Card in Smooth Matte   One way of introducing yourself to potential clients is through business cards. They serve as an extension of yourself. With countless designs to choose from, you can create and customize your business card so it matches your personality and represents your business well. If you’re going for a …

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rabbit hole knits business ca

Adorable Personalized Business Card Meant for Keeps   About the Client Rabbit Hole Knits is a company that provides a wide selection of knitting patterns. Their site offers patterns of cute animals, such as rabbits, cats, birds, bears, and pigs. There are also patterns for toys, such as dolls and gingerbread men. Most of the …

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qollage singapore

Use Texture to Create a Visual Stunner   For a business card to stand out, it’s not enough that it looks great; it also has to make an impression once a customer holds it in their hand. This is why experimenting with textures can be a great choice when you’re trying to showcase your brand. …

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provation tech

Business Card Balances Dark and Bright Colors in a Modern Design   About the Client Provation Tech, now named Velo IT Group, is a provider of managed IT services. Led by CEO Taylor Toce, the Dallas-based company is focused on empowering small and mid-sized businesses to scale their IT management systems.   Modern Details and …

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pyramid masonry

Curved Edges Produce a Stylishly Minimalist Business Card   About the Client Pyramid Masonry is a Colorado-based company specializing in building stone structures for residential properties. Started in 2010, the company is owned and managed by a family that has resided in the area since the 1800s. Their motto, “Build to Last,” is a testament …

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print peppermint ov

Transparent Business Cards Are Stylish and Long-Lasting   Business cards are typically made of paper, and while paper has varying tactile quality, it’s a fact that it’s not as durable as plastic. If you’re after making an impression on potential clients, while still making sure that your card retains its make, you may want to …

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print peppermint letterpress

Letterpress Business Cards Embody Premium Quality   Letterpress printing may have been around for centuries, but it’s now making a huge comeback in the printing world. The process involves the tedious method of relief printing text and images using a handset wood or metal type to stamp the design onto the cardstock. The steps to …

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print peppermint letterpress business ca

Letterpress Business Cards Bring Authentic Charm   Letterpress business cards add that touch of handmade craftsmanship that the typical digital print just can’t provide. Letterpress print features a rugged and retro texture, which makes for a quirky aesthetic. It looks authentic, and if you want to boost that in your branding strategy, letterpress business cards …

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print peppermint letterpress 2

Letterpress on Cotton Paper Stock Gives this Card a Premium Look   Letterpress business cards showcase the delicate craftsmanship of traditional handmade printing but with the modern convenience of digital innovations. It’s an effective way to give your brand a rich and premium texture and look. And if you want to amp up the sophistication …

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Print Peppermint Black Letterpress Sample

Letterpress Business Card Uses Unique Cardstock   Letterpress printing is in demand for a reason: it gives your designs a premium, handcrafted quality that no standard printing can provide. But modern letterpress printing is not only about the precise quality of the print itself; you need to have the ideal paper to suit the letterpress …

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