Founding, building, growing, and managing a business is taxing work, not for the faint of heart. If everyone could do it, wouldn’t they? In this section we explore many aspects of business including topics like marketing, pricing, advertising, health, and management. As a CEO or Founder, you bear the brunt of the ups and downs of the market, and life, and grow stronger by overcoming all the problems the world will throw at you.

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Google Logo: 10 Tips You Can Learn From Google’s Design for Your Business

Back in 2015, Google changed its logo. According to a Google blog post, it was to represent the new ways people interacted with Google. Think about it: Google is no longer just a simple search engine. Google is now a vast collection of sites, apps, and services accessible on your Internet-ready device. Of course, changing … Read more

Business Cards in the time of Covid-19

The coronavirus has changed the entire global landscape. It has affected businesses and left millions jobless. However, there have also been many positive developments due to the pandemic. For instance, companies have finally realized that a remote workforce is capable of handling all the work. Many things have gone out of fashion in the wake … Read more

Best Domains TLDs for Worldwide Business

When creating a business site, using an excellent Top-level Domain (TLD) is crucial. It builds potential customers’ trust through familiarity and a good reputation. It may also improve the site’s online presence compared to the least popular TLDs.  Some TLDs are popular for the use of hosting malicious sites and considered abusive over the internet, … Read more

How to Make a Postcard Influentially Powerful

Image Credits Since the beginning of postal services, postcards have been the staple to send messages and dispatched to individual addresses. It wasn’t long before companies and corporations realized its potential to advertise their business and the earliest of postcards to contain printed advertising was way back in December 1848. Ever since then, postcards have … Read more

Call Center Services for Small Businesses: Patterns Of Quality Service

Source: SupportYourApp How important is delivering outstanding customer service for your brand? According to Microsoft, 96 % of consumers feel good customer service is essential when choosing or staying loyal to a brand.  Respondents asked to list what frustrated them most about poor customer service, identified the following as their top concerns: Repeating themselves to … Read more

12 Reasons Why Good Design Is a Good Business

Description: Are you still considering whether or not to invest in business design? Check out this article to learn how your business can benefit from good design and how to unlock its full potential. What are the indications of a good business? The answers vary from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.  The truth is that good business … Read more

2020 Technology Trends That Will Change Our Lives Forever

Craving to stay competitive, boost revenue, build a brand and trust, enhance customer experience, you need to be digital-savvy. In this article, we’ll review 5 technology trends 2020 that will change our lives and businesses soon. Ready or not, the tech revolution is here. So, let’s overlook the top requested solutions that are to be … Read more

Business Card Holders that You Can Make At Home In Minutes!

First impressions are the last, and this mostly holds true when it comes to professional interactions. Business cards are a sure shot at taking your professional outlook up a notch. However, the cards and relevant accessories can often cost you some bucks. DIY business card holders are an amazing way of demonstrating your brand image … Read more

Are Business Cards a Marketing / Advertising Expense?

A host of responsibilities fall under the mentally resilient shoulders of business owners. Filing taxes is one of these, and it requires a fair bit of understanding. When you’re calculating the tax returns for your company, you have to be well cognizant of what constitutes as a business expense. The Internal Revenue Service has provided … Read more

Benefits of Out-of-Office Message Autoresponders with Examples

If you need to step away from your office for more than a day, then an out-of-office message autoresponder for your email account is helpful. It stops people from expecting to receive a response immediately while you’re enjoying a vacation or trying to recover during a sick day. The purpose of an out-of-office message autoresponder … Read more

Business Card Etiquette – What you need to know

In the business world, owning a business card is important. But it does not end there. It is one thing to own a business card, and it is another thing to exchange business cards and master the important etiquette that comes with it. Many persons today focus on just owning a beautiful business card and … Read more

Business card scanner: Do you really need one in 2019? Just snap a pic

As a professional, you will meet tons of people, and each time you meet someone new, you will exchange business cards. That means, over a few years, you will end up with hundreds of business cards. Of course, all cards will not be useful and you will end up throwing them away. However, there will … Read more

Are “Business Cards Near Me” Deals a Good Idea?

Assuming you have been in the market for good quality business cards, chances are you’ve come across some online search results telling you that there are great business cards near me deals to get the cards printed at a discounted price. And then when you click the link, you’ll see a list of some companies … Read more

15 Great Places to Hang Flyers for Your Business

15 Best Places to Hang Flyers for Your Business You ordered a bunch of flyers for your business. Now, where do you hang them? Read on to learn the best places to hang flyers for your business. It’s one thing to design an amazing flyer for your business and another to display it in a … Read more

Top 10 Benefits of Flyer Marketing for Your Business

Top 10 Benefits of Flyer Marketing for Your Business Have you tried using flyers for your business? If not, you should. Read on to learn about the top 5 benefits of flyer marketing for your business. SEO keywords: check. Online advertisements: check. Interactive website: Check. You’ve covered all of the marketing strategies to help you get … Read more

How to Design a Business Flyer People Will Actually Read

How to Design Business Flyers People Will Actually Read Your business flyers are just a waste of money if people throw them out. Click here to learn how you can design business flyers people actually want to read. For those who claim the written word is dead, the printing industry declares it’s time to rethink that … Read more

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