Startups, bootstrapping, incubators, investors, and all other aspects of starting and growing a business. Entrepreneurship is a way of life that allows people to monetize their passion and share it with the world. No matter what your business there are always ways to improve and gain new perspectives. In this section, we look at a wide cross-section of industries and strategies in the new business world.

Recent Entrepreneurship articles

Steve Jobs’ 3 Business Cards Were Sold For 10,050$ In Auction

In 2015 a private school in California named “The Marin School”, put 3 business cards of Apple’s CEO in an online auction. The initial bid was 600 dollars which soon rose to 10,050$.  Source The school confirmed Tim Knowles, the CEO of Stacks (a company that provides an iPhone app for sharing business cards) as … Read more

10 Ways a Website Redesign Can Benefit Your Small Business

In an age where almost everything’s taking place virtually, we’re pretty sure you already have a website for your small business. But, we gotta ask: When was the last time you redesigned it? Have you even thought about it, ever? Well, whether it’s been ages or never, it’s time to give it a makeover! Especially … Read more

The best app for creating digital visiting cards

Digital Visiting Cards, or vCards, allow you to instantly share who you are, with anyone, wherever you go. They can help you grow your network of contacts quickly and efficiently while helping you stand out from the competition.  Blinq is the top rated Digital Visiting Card app across global App Stores. Businesses across the world … Read more

How To Write Web Copy For Business Success

Source Some Internet businesses are more successful than others. Successful businesses are those that have learned to write powerful and persuasive web copy. There are very few businesses that do not use the Internet these days. Yet some Internet businesses are much more successful than others. What makes the difference? The successful ones are those … Read more

How to buy a ready-made business and not be fooled

Image source: https://assets.entrepreneur.com/content/3×2/2000/20191127190639-shutterstock-431848417-crop.jpeg?width=700&crop=2:1 The global pandemic made people ask themselves questions regarding their plans. It made them be more introspective and assess their mental health, happiness, and stress levels. And many have decided that having your own business is the way to go. Especially during these tough moments everyone goes through, knowing that you are … Read more

8 Best Business Ideas for College Students for 2021

Want to be financially independent as a student? Tired of working part-time and full-time jobs? Want to start your own business? Well, if the answer to any of these is yes, you’re on the right page. So read on to find out what business opportunities are waiting for you as a student in 2021. College … Read more


Search engine optimization helps reduce customer acquisition costs. It is an important aspect of e-commerce marketing as it helps increase organic traffic and business visibility. No wonder, e-commerce marketers are applying a variety of SEO tactics to attract as many quality leads as possible.  However, SEO may not always work best for e-commerce businesses. It’s … Read more

The Art of Design: Tips for Creating Beautiful Powerpoints Every Time

(Image Source: Envato Tuts) Numerous studies have shown that visual information has the highest retention rating. One study by MIT found that presentations delivered orally have roughly a 12 percent recall rate while presentations delivered verbally and orally have a 50 percent recall rate. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most presenters spend hours perfecting their … Read more

Foster your brand’s growth with brilliant customer engagement

Engaged and satisfied customers are the biggest assets for any business. A study found that 63% of consumers would never return to do business with a company after just one bad experience. To add to that, 42% of the customers from the same survey claimed that they would post about their negative experiences online for … Read more

6 Apps For Creating Digital Business Card

A Digital Business card is the most advanced way of sharing your details with your network. Establishing connections with your existing or to be clients accompanied with this trendy detail sharing method can offer an insight to the other person about how well you utilize every bit of technology. Digital business cards are another way … Read more

Best Domains TLDs for Worldwide Business

When creating a business site, using an excellent Top-level Domain (TLD) is crucial. It builds potential customers’ trust through familiarity and a good reputation. It may also improve the site’s online presence compared to the least popular TLDs.  Some TLDs are popular for the use of hosting malicious sites and considered abusive over the internet, … Read more

Call Center Services for Small Businesses: Patterns Of Quality Service

Source: SupportYourApp How important is delivering outstanding customer service for your brand? According to Microsoft, 96 % of consumers feel good customer service is essential when choosing or staying loyal to a brand.  Respondents asked to list what frustrated them most about poor customer service, identified the following as their top concerns: Repeating themselves to … Read more

5 Reasons to Not to Give Up on Your Business While in Quarantine

Increasing your sales in times of crisis doesn’t seem like an attainable idea. But when you reach out to an online marketing service in NYC, you may find out that there is actually a lot of room for creativity. You can not only sustain but even grow your business.

Process for Choosing a Good Brand Name

As an ancient proverb says, “Nomen est omen,” and it perfectly sums the importance of coming up with a good brand name. Though it may seem a bit far-fetched to imply that the name carries a certain prophetic quality, the truth is that if you don’t pick the right name for your brand, it will … Read more

How to become a political blogger in 2020

If you want to get your ideas out and build an audience, starting a blog is the best thing you can do. It is a great way to make some money while maintaining a sense of fulfillment. But before you dive into action, you must have a clear sense of purpose and know exactly what … Read more

Best Free Resources for Self-Education

It’s hard to list all the benefits of a college education, but there’s always one major drawback: accessibility. Whether you lack the time, money, or a flexible schedule, it can be challenging for many people to pursue high education. However, there are more opportunities for online learning than ever before. Distance education learning is quickly … Read more

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