Top 10 Paper Mills and Their Most Popular Brands

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As a creative printing company that specializes in flexographic printing, laminating, coating, and custom printing, everything that we do is based around paper.  We love bringing creative ideas to live, but we can’t do it without a premium quality paper to start with. That is why we wanted to create a list of top 10 … Read more

Local Artists 5iveFingaz File a Case Against Reebok and Dick Sporting Goods for Ripping His Design

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5iveFingaz, a local artist, recently filed a federal case against Reebok and Dick’s Sporting Goods for supposedly using is T-shirt design without his consent. The case was filed last September 11. It claims that international brand Reebok stole 5iveFingaz t-shirt design Love More the Ever and print it on their shirts.The said t-shirts have been … Read more


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