Here at Print Peppermint, most of our customers are graphic designers or some sort of creative freelancer. We service marketing agencies, traditional print shops, and every other kind of small to medium-size business. Lawyers, real estate, food service, and more make up the Print Peppermint family. But we more than anyone understand the importance of creating quality, creative, and meaningful printed material for the purposes of marketing your product or service.

Recent Freelance articles

How To Develop (And Maintain) Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

Establishing a brand tone of voice is important to any business marketing strategy. Maintaining a consistent brand voice helps communicate more about your business to your audience. In addition, it makes them easily relate to your business, making it a beneficial ingredient for building a successful business. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to … Read more

Top 5 Online Tools For Converting Photos Into Text Files

Online OCR tools are a remarkable addition to any writer’s arsenal today. So, how and which ones should they use in 2022? Converting photos into editable texts is a remarkable addition to any business or writer’s stash. These tools can make life easier by converting images into editable texts for future uses and more. According … Read more

10 Tips to Make Professional-Looking Videos For Beginners

Image: storyset via Freepik According to a study, video content makes up 82% of the internet traffic this year. That means many enjoy watching videos when browsing the internet and finding new information. But why do they love videos that much? Videos are more accessible because users can share the content easily at their fingertips. … Read more

Become a professional graphic designer – the roadmap to follow

Modern graphic design is more than just drawing with different software tools. It is creating new images of shapes, lines, colors, and words to express ideas. You will find such creations anywhere, as visual images surrender us to deliver the information and evoke emotions. As the visual perception of the world is the most essential … Read more

3D Animator Resume Example & Writing Tips for 2021

Source 3D animation is a thriving career. Any job searcher in the animation industry needs to be ready for competition. How to stand out? You know the answer – a good resume. To get yourself noticed by a potential employer, you need to work on your resume writing skills. The resume must present you as … Read more

Essential Guide On Writing An Animation Script

Source: Online videos have taken over the Internet by storm, including the usage of animated videos. Animated videos are normally informative, if not just for leisurely viewing. So, if you want to attract more people to your business, then consider creating an animation script! What Is It? Source: “Animated videos are often used … Read more

Is it Time to Redesign Your Portfolio?

Source Whether you’re a freelancer or looking to be hired full time, prospective clients and employers want to see what you’re capable of. If you work in web design, a well-crafted resume and string of credentials isn’t going to cut it. An employer probably won’t be swayed by your Adobe certification and coding fluency unless … Read more


Source:  Decades ago, when computers came into existence, keyboards were the main interaction tools between them and users. But then, so much has changed along the way, and now there are multiple ways to send commands and do many things on your computer. Now, you can use the keyboard, a mouse, or a trackpad … Read more

7 Reasons to Brand Your Office Space

Workplace branding doesn’t mean you need to make major arrangements in your office and turn your company upside down. Although it’s advisable to find your theme colour and add a few details in your office that reflect your company’s vision, that’s not the end of the journey. There are numerous ways to use workspace branding … Read more

How to Write a Proper Task for Your Designers to Get Perfect Result?

The design brief is like a map for a ship. For this reason, it is important to learn how to properly draw this document up so that your team does not have to blush in front of the client and make edits to the finished project. Below you will find everything that is important to … Read more

How To Find New Clients As A Freelancer

Being a freelancer is often considered a romantic pursuit. When many people think about it, they imagine themselves traveling the world and working from beautiful locations. They imagine themselves being in full control of their lives and doing work that is meaningful to their lives and, hopefully, to the world too.  In fact, the number … Read more

3 Creative Business Card Ideas for Writers

Professionals from many fields use business cards to increase their network and connect to new clients, future employers, or potential business partners. Writers are no exception, especially those, who work as freelancers. Business cards for freelance writers can be a great source of new clients and valuable connections, which later can result in profitable long-term … Read more

Are Business Cards a Marketing / Advertising Expense?

A host of responsibilities fall under the mentally resilient shoulders of business owners. Filing taxes is one of these, and it requires a fair bit of understanding. When you’re calculating the tax returns for your company, you have to be well cognizant of what constitutes as a business expense. The Internal Revenue Service has provided … Read more

Benefits of Out-of-Office Message Autoresponders with Examples

If you need to step away from your office for more than a day, then an out-of-office message autoresponder for your email account is helpful. It stops people from expecting to receive a response immediately while you’re enjoying a vacation or trying to recover during a sick day. The purpose of an out-of-office message autoresponder … Read more

Quitting your job to Freelance- Should you make the move?

The alarm rings, it’s another workday. The mind is unwilling to get started, the body is sluggish too to wake up. You are fed up with work maybe as a result of the attitude of your nagging boss, a colleague or most likely the take-home pay isn’t equivalent to the work you put in daily … Read more

UX Tips To Boost Your Online Portfolio

With millions of portfolios available to your potential clients online, two factors set work to distinguish your portfolio – Quality of your portfolio and the UX while your clients browse through it. Your portfolio is the repository of your best work. It puts across your exceptional skills to the audience and should ideally give them … Read more

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