Here at Print Peppermint, most of our customers are graphic designers or some sort of creative freelancer. We service marketing agencies, traditional print shops, and every other kind of small to medium-size business. Lawyers, real estate, food service, and more make up the Print Peppermint family. But we more than anyone understand the importance of creating quality, creative, and meaningful printed material for the purposes of marketing your product or service.

Recent Freelance articles

Creative Ideas for Photography Business Cards

As a photographer, you use your creativity and photography skills to capture the best photos. So, your clients expect you to be, well, creative. So, imagine their dismay if they see your dull and mundane business cards. You will have a tough time convincing them that you are indeed a creative and talented photographer.  Thankfully, … Read more

5 Ways to Make Business Cards That Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Business Cards That Stand Out Business cards are a dime a dozen…unless you know how to make yours unique. Click here to get 5 ways to create business cards that stand out. Are business cards still effective in today’s modern marketing? Finding business cards that stand out is critical in getting … Read more

How to Start a Photography Business in 12 Simple Steps

Starting your own photography business is a great way to make money from your passion. Here’s how to start a photography business in 12 simple steps. It’s one thing to pick up a camera and learn a thing or two about photography. But, it’s a completely different story to leave your job and dive headfirst … Read more

The 15 Best Business Card Templates of 2018

The 15 Best Business Card Templates of 2018 This year has seen some of the most creative and alluring business card templates ever designed. Here is a round up of the very best of 2018. Even in today’s digital age, business cards remain an important staple in the professional world. And, the age-old traditional marketing … Read more

Why You NEED to Invest in a Professional Photographer for Your Next Advertising Campaign

Why You NEED to Hire a Photographer for Your Next Advertising Campaign Do you want your next advertising campaign to make a major impact? If so, here’s why you NEED to invest in a professional photographer. Do you want to make sure your company’s next advertising campaign is as successful as it can possibly be? If … Read more

SEO for Photographers: 12 Tips for SEO Newbies

Are you a photographer that doesn’t know a thing about Google rankings? In this SEO for photographers guide, we teach you how to improve your SEO game! Launching your photography career online? Uploading your portfolio to your site? The photographer’s portfolio is one of the best weapons to a successful business. It’s a display of … Read more

Welcome to My Studio: How to Build Your Own DIY Photo Studio

If you’re an amateur photographer, it can be hard to find an affordable space to work on your craft. Most photographers don’t make an amazing living with their work. Unless you’re doing it commercially (weddings, parties, etc.) or you’re super successful, you probably don’t have an office or studio to shoot and edit. It’s unfortunate, … Read more

What to Put on a Business Card – Listing Your Educational and Professional Qualifications

It takes years of hard work, study, and dedication to earn academic degrees and professional certifications. So, it goes without saying that you will be proud to showcase them to the world. You may frame your degrees and certifications and hang them on the wall, but what about your business card? Many people wonder whether … Read more

5 Common Mistakes Every Beginner Photographer is Sure to Make

To be a pro at something, you have to begin somewhere. To be a beginner means to make mistakes and boy! Can you make quite a few when you are a struggling photographer on the block? Here are 5 common photography mistakes you can make when you step into the work of digital photography. 1) … Read more

The Graphic Design Profession

Most people have some basic idea of what graphic designers do. Often times, however, that knowledge is limited to the world of creating business cards or maybe branching out a bit further to include creating an advertisement in a newspaper. While each of these examples does fit within a graphic designer’s portfolio, the opportunities available … Read more

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