The history of printing is a rich and fascination one. In this section, we look at old world and past forms of printing.

Recent History articles

The Complete Printing Timeline: How Printing Has Evolved Over Hundreds of Years

The Complete Printing Timeline: How Printing Has Evolved Interested in printing? Click here for a complete printing timeline that’ll teach you more about how printing has evolved over the last several hundred years. Long before social media, people expressed themselves with words and pictures. Scratching symbols in dirt evolved into messages sent around the world in seconds. The … Read more

A Blast from the Far, Far Past: Understanding the History of Paper

Understanding the History of Paper Have you ever wondered where paper comes from and who invited it? Make sure you keep reading below to learn the complete history of paper. Have you ever wondered how much paper we actually use? We checked the records at the Environmental Protection Agency. Apparently, today over 68 million trees each … Read more

Rotogravure Printing & Photo Retouching – Interview with Martin

Austin: Okay. So today is October 1st and I’m sitting here with my good friend, Martin, and I wanted to talk to him about his experience in the printing world. Would you mind telling me how you got into the printing job or the printing world? Martin: The way I got into it was basically … Read more

When Was the Printing Press Created? A Brief History of a Crucial Invention

  “The invention of the printing press was one of the most important events in human history”– Ha-Joon Chang It’s possible we’re biased, but we can’t help but agree with Ha Joon Chang. It’s so easy to take simple things for granted: the miracle of electricity, the now-necessity of running water, the humble printing press. … Read more

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