Archetypes: How to hand out your Business Card with Style!

how to hand out your business

There is a fine art to handing out your business cards. Some styles are driven by cultural, religious, even sexual influences. Not only does the paper, ink, design, and finishes of your card speak to the values of your brand but how well you execute the delivery of your card, the presentation, also plays a … Read more

Cute New Mascot Peppermint Cat

Print Best %title% Online

Cute New Mascot Peppermint Cat Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Please gather round and give a warm welcome to Print Peppermint’s cute new mascot Peppermint Cat ^ↀᴥↀ^ . He’s cute. He’s cool. He’s here with a holiday message for everyone, “Relax & Chill”. Sage words in times of stress. Taking inspiration from cute Japanese … Read more

When Your Feeling Like A Genie In A Bottle

Print Genie by Jimmy

Genie in a Bottle In a far away distant land, if you search hard enough and dig deep enough… you might find the Genie in the Peppermint Lamp. Sitting quietly in a cave somewhere and cast from the finest pink gold. This peppermint scented lamp waits for it’s next master. According to lore, if found, … Read more

Trim vs Bleed

Print Industry Terminology by Mike Alderman

Whats the difference between 350gsm, 16pt, and 110 lbs card stock? Nothing at all! Printing terminology can be a confusing subject. And what may describe a cutting guideline for a printer, could mean the end of a career for a young barber.

The Edge… Painting?

Print Best %title% Online

If you came here looking for U2 guitarist The Edge‘s magnificent oil paintings, then I’m sorry to say that you mistakenly clicked on the wrong site. But!! If you came here looking for a way to add extra flair to your business cards, then you’re in luck!


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