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Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture: The Top Polaroid Photography Tips

Forget selfies and “doing it for the ‘gram.” Lately, the world is dusting off old-school Polaroid cameras instead. According to this research, sales for these instant cameras reached a 148 percent increase in the span of a year. You can relive this old-school trend for some retro-style fun, too. All it takes is a single … Read more

Go Go Luna’s Holograph-Inspired Business Cards

At Print Peppermint we love all our clients! We get so inspired by watching young entrepreneurs and start-up founders create brand collateral for their company. We feel very blessed to be a part of this process. One such client that we’ve really fallen in love with is: Go Go Luna The Client If you’re looking … Read more

Star-Trek Inspired Business Card Sample – Geordi La Forge

This is one of the business card examples from our free sample pack. Yeah, I know it cost one dollar but that’s mostly in order to prevent abuse on our site. Design So first I want to talk about design. Taro, our wonderfully talented lead designer chose a Star Trek theme for this particular piece … Read more

Best Packaging Designs By Graphic Design Students

Packaging keeps things well-organized. It doesn’t if it is a packet for your candies, a hamper for dirty laundry or the bottle which holds your kitchen ingredients, the things you put stuff in are very vital. The design of product packaging is the creation of the outer surface of your product. That takes account of … Read more

2019 Pentawards Honor Best in Packaging Design Worldwide

Pentawards 2019 was held in London last September, 12 and the winners were distinguished at a gala ceremony. With hundreds of the world’s premier and renowned packaging designs, as well as creative minds, was present. Pentawards presented 113 Bronze, 118 Silver, 58 Gold, 5 Platinum, and 1 Diamond award. Other special awards include Brand of … Read more

Anderson Co. Teen Died: Her Best Friend Creates T-Shirt Design

It is already less than a week when Jill Hurst, a teenager from Lawrenceburg has passed away. Jill died due to a car crash, and about days later, life support was taken off, and her body organs were donated. Today, her homeland is admiring her due to her deed with the pink color. Jill Hurst … Read more

University of Tennessee Members of Marching Band Wears T-shirts Designed by Bullied Fan

A member of the University of Tennessee marching band is the first to wear the passionately famous anti-bullying shirt that is inspired by a fourth-grade fan, teased for his home-crafted t-shirt. The Pride of the Southland band were clad in the said t-shirts underneath their uniforms during the University of Tennessee’s game last Saturday over … Read more

Business Card Break Down – Feliz Interiors

Today we are introducing a new segment to our blog called “The Business Card Break Down” duh duh duh… (dramatic drums). In each episode, we will do a brief overview of the client, the design of the piece, the print specs of the piece, and the digital files that were used to produce the card. … Read more

10 Product Label Ideas and Inspirations

As a small business owner or manufacturer, your livelihood often hinges in great part upon your ability to attract customers and communicate your brand. The single best way to achieve these goals is to create a stellar product label that inspires and motivates your customers. How can you create a captivating label? Designing a captivating … Read more

6 Graphic Design Quotes to Inspire Your Next Project

6 Graphic Design Quotes to Inspire Your Next Project Looking for inspiration for your next project? Check out these 6 graphic design quotes that will ignite your creative passion! It happens to all of us – you sit down prepared to crank out that perfect next project. But then, you realize you don’t know where … Read more

PSA: We're All Matter

We’re All Matter Our hearts go out to all those who have lost family, friends, and colleagues due to any kind of prejudice. Be it racial, sexual, or religious difference we need to understand we are all essentially the same. We are all made of matter and matter is in everything. We all require the … Read more

Die Cut Animal Sculptures by

Hi Guys! Austin here, creative director at Print Peppermint. I recently bought some amazing die cut animal sculptures from Berlin-based design company Although a bit pricey, I thought they would be the perfect focus pieces to decorate my kids bedrooms. The assembly took about 4 hours of folding and gluing and required more effort … Read more

Cute New Mascot Peppermint Cat

Cute New Mascot Peppermint Cat Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Please gather round and give a warm welcome to Print Peppermint’s cute new mascot Peppermint Cat ^ↀᴥↀ^ . He’s cute. He’s cool. He’s here with a holiday message for everyone, “Relax & Chill”. Sage words in times of stress. Taking inspiration from cute Japanese … Read more

When Your Feeling Like A Genie In A Bottle

Genie in a Bottle In a far away distant land, if you search hard enough and dig deep enough… you might find the Genie in the Peppermint Lamp. Sitting quietly in a cave somewhere and cast from the finest pink gold. This peppermint scented lamp waits for it’s next master. According to lore, if found, … Read more

Wedding Collateral w/ Gold Foil Stamped Cotton Card

A card we printed this year for one of our dear clients. Paper: 50 pt Uncoated Cotton (triplex) Finish: Hot Foil Stamp – Gold Client: Bailey Aro Photography |  

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