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Create a Successful Logo with these Essential Elements

There is no denying that an excellent logo design is a key contributor to creating that first impression on the audience. A logo communicates your business’s values, tells your visions, and even assists people to trust your name. If your logo does not speak the right message to the targeted customer, your business is in … Read more

How to Create and Edit Video Logo – All You Need to Know

Did you know that according to research, 72% of businesses say video content has dramatically increased their conversion rates? Video is one of the most important means of attracting new buyers, and therefore not having video content on your site can be a huge mistake. You won’t be able to explain to your customers the … Read more

Google Logo: 10 Tips You Can Learn From Google’s Design for Your Business

Back in 2015, Google changed its logo. According to a Google blog post, it was to represent the new ways people interacted with Google. Think about it: Google is no longer just a simple search engine. Google is now a vast collection of sites, apps, and services accessible on your Internet-ready device. Of course, changing … Read more

Top Logo Design Trends That You Must Look Out

No matter in which field you’re working, innovation is always given the highest priority and everyone must follow it. You always need to come up with something new which surprises everyone. Similarly, the design industry also comes under this category and we have witnessed a plethora of changes in it. People always want to see … Read more

How to Design a Logo: The 5 Most Basic Rules

It can be said that a logo is the pictorial representation of a company. It is a symbol that goes everywhere an organization leaves its marks. According to the Picture-Superiority effect, people are most likely to engage in and remember information that is visual instead of being text-oriented. Consequently, a good logo is surely a … Read more

How To Choose Your Brand And Logo Colors

Together with creative design, the colors you choose to brand your business will visually engage your clients. They will be the colors you use to design your logo, build your website, design your marketing collateral, and maybe even decorate your brick and mortar location. Brand Color Choice Is More Important Now Than Ever Since many … Read more

Why You Should Use a Graphic Design Service to Create Your Logo

Why You Should Use a Graphic Design Service to Create Your Logo If you’re banging your head against the wall trying to create a logo for your company click here to find out why you should use a graphic design service instead Running a small business in the digital era presents some unique challenges. Now, … Read more

The 5 Most Clever Logos of All Time

The 5 Most Clever Logos of All Time If you’re looking to create a unique brand logo for your business, but feel stumped, check out 5 of the most clever logos ever to get inspired. Did you know that your brand identity is one of the leading factors for increasing sales? After all, having a … Read more

The Principles Behind the Psychology of Logo Design

The Principles Behind the Psychology of Logo Design Anyone can design a logo. After all, nearly every business has one. But what makes one logo stick over another. Click here to understand the psychology of logos There are power and meaning behind the logos for major companies worldwide. Have you ever considered why FedEx uses … Read more

What Makes a Logo iconic? 5 Key Characteristics

5 Key Characteristics of An Iconic Logo We all know the logos for Nike, Coca Cola, and Pepsi like the bag of our hands. But what goes in to the creation of an iconic logo? Click here to find out. Did you know there are almost 30 million small businesses in the U.S.? If you’re … Read more

Stand Out from the Crowd! How to Make Your Small Business Logo Pop

Stand Out from the Crowd! How to Make Your Small Business Logo Pop Do you want your logo to be instantly recognizable by as many potential clients as possible? Here’s how to make your small business logo pop. How much thought have you put into your small business logo? Not only is making sure that … Read more

Out With the Old, In With the New: Top Signs It’s Time for a Logo Redesign

Is it time to redesign your logo? How can you tell? Read on to learn the top signs it’s time for a logo redesign. Have you been looking for a way to freshen up your business and engage new customers? When’s the last time you took a serious look at your logo? If you haven’t … Read more

Look At That Logo!: The Top Logo Design Trends of 2019

Are you looking to take your logo to the next level? If so, read on to learn about the top logo design trends of 2019. Your logo makes a huge impression on your market. It communicates what you sell, the way you sell it, who you want to reach, and even your company’s mission and … Read more

Chapter 7: What About the Letters in Your Logo?

You’ve chosen your colors. Now, it’s time to get into the details of logo design. Let’s talk about letters. Typography, as any professional designer knows, is a key part of any type of graphic design. It doesn’t just allow you to add some text, but actually adds design elements to the larger logo as well. … Read more

Chapter 6: Managing the Design

Chapter 6: Managing the Design The actual design process involves working with the designers to integrate each of the elements, such as the logo, to create a cohesive final product. Often, it takes an extra pair of eyes or different perspective to see things that may not be immediately evident to you on your first … Read more

Chapter 5: How to Conduct a Competitive Logo Analysis

One simple truth should guide much of brand logo design: it will never be viewed in isolation. Whether in direct comparison or indirectly over time, your audience will see other logos, and will inevitably compare these logos to yours. How you compare plays a core role in getting and keeping attention. Even the best logo … Read more

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