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7 Expert Tips on How NOT to design a logo

We might wish we haven’t, but we’ve all seen them. Turn around and consider a local business, and there is a chance their logo is simply terrible. Hell, even large brands can make the same mistake. Have you seen the logo of the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission? No matter how much smart designers preach about … Read more

15 Brands Lost in Translation – Epic Brand Fails

Know your Market 15 Brands Lost in Translation: When it comes to expanding a brand into new countries, it can be easy to underestimate the importance of knowing the culture of the market you are moving into, and one of the most important cultural factors is understanding their language. Do Your Homework It might sound … Read more

Blind Debossed Letterpress Business Card

Blind Debossed Letterpress Business Card Look at this awesome Blind Debossed Letterpress Business Card. We are happy to share this design and logo we created for enFUND, a division of Ensemble Entertainment, a charitable organization based in California focusing on promoting and developing international artists within the United States. When approached with project, Ensemble was … Read more

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